Today is America Recycles Day!

Do you recycle? It is a little extra work, but every bit counts!

Click here to learn about the special initiatives Sears is taking today to celebrate their commitment to recycling and doing their part to help preserve our environment.


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      • San Jose, CA

    I've started working on cleaning up an old glass and metal dump left out back of the Property we're tending.

    I've done filled a big'ol recycling container half-way up with broken glass jars and various size metal cans.

    This project is going to take a while though.

  1. Our family recycles plastics, glass, paper and other items through our city's recycling system. They recently issued everyone a new rolling recycle container that is picked up every 2 weeks. We also compost lawn clippings and food waste items. It does take a little extra work but I think that it is worth it. The compost is especially useful in our gardening projects.

    1. In response to SHC-LyleW

      That is awesome, Lyle! Sounds like your city is doing their part to make it as easy as possible for citizens to recycle!

  2. Try this link to learn about the special initiatives today!