Took my tiller in for repair. Running fine, but handlebars were broken. Now, won’t run off choke. Note that technician “cleaned carb bowl and jet” as part of free general service, and assume that something is not right with carb. Not looking forward to being without tiller for another month. Suggestion?


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  1. I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the tiller engine. If the engine will not run with the choke off, I suspect the problem is in the carburetor. If you already had it serviced, you can take it back in and have them look at it. There should not be another service fee but you may be responsible for and other parts or labor. If you feel confident, you can try to fix it yourself. Usually cleaning the carburetor will do the trick. If you can reply below with a model number, I will be happy to assist you this repair. You can also search you tube for videos on how to clean the carburetor. I hope this helps. Mark

  2. Hi there, EQR! Welcome to MySears! Sorry to hear your tiller is not working properly. I have sent this along to the Lawn and Garden Experts. They should have a suggestion as to why this is not running correctly. If you could also provide the model number to the tiller, that can help them to accurately troubleshoot.

    Check back soon for a reply!