Very disappointed. Stopped at Tukwila Sears to pick up some Craftsman Tools. There was a sale on the racheting wrenches for $39.99. I added std and metric set to my cart and checked out. Got home, pulled the receipt, they charged me $49.99. Ouch. Called the next morning an the guy who helped me and pointed out the sale denied it. That sucks. Sears owes me $20 plust tx. grrrr


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      • San Jose, CA

    Was this a Craftsman Club sale?

    Was it a store sale?

    Or, was it an Internet advertised sale?

    Each type of sale is handled slightly differently when purchasing the sale items.

    You'll need to supply the store manager you talk to with the model numbers of the two wrench sets, the date of the sale, a reference to where the sale was advertised.

    Being able to supply the sales receipt number will also be of assistance to a quick resolution, although this information can be looked up with your home telephone number, if needed.

    Good luck.

  1. HI JustPBR! That is disappointing! I would suggest giving your local store a call again, and speaking with the manager. I am sure S/he will be happy to take care of you and make sure you receive the promised sale price.

    Keep us posted on how things turn out!