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  1. Is this a front-load or top-load machine? As InquisitiveMind suggested, the model number would be extremely useful, as would other details regarding the leak. For example, does the leak come from the left or right? When does the leak tend to occur? Is it coming from underneath or the front or the back? Without more information, I'm afraid it's a bit like saying "there's a puddle under my car." We'd love to help, but we'll need more information to do it. :)

  2. We'll cover some general information about leaks till we get more details. Big or small is the first question to answer. A larger amount of water leaking out as soon as the washer fills indicates a hose is off or broken. A few drops on the floor can be from splashing during agitation or splash over from the despenser. The problem might be the washer not level or it may be something in the dispenswer nozzle causing a spray like you get when you put your finger over the end of a water hose. Replacing a hose can be a good do-it-yourself project if you like to save money. Give us a few more details Henry1887 and we'll try to help further.

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      On the minimal details we have I doubt that I could have done any better, even on a good day.
      In my opinion, great answer.

  3. Hi henry1887! Thanks for posting your question today. We can see if an Appliance Expert has a suggestion or two for your washer. Check back on this thread soon for a reply. If you could let us know the model number, it could help the Experts to pinpoint this issue, as well.

  4. Please let us know the make and model number of your washer and where it appears to be leaking from.
    Should the machine be a Kenmore the model number will start with 3 digits followed by a period or a dash eg 417- or 110.

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