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  1. Whilst I agree with "Expert" Bill that the most likely cause is a blocked drain hose. There are many things a half competent DIYer can do to avoid the cost of calling in, and paying, any repairer. Additionally, should you be able to perform the work yourself you will very likely get it done quicker, than calling a repairer. Sears 'acceptable' margin for attendance is two weeks.
    Please post the full model number of your refrigerator, should it be a Kenmore it will start with three digits followed by a period or a dash eg 110. or 796-

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      Kenmore. Model# 363.9652714

  2. Hello pappasmurf,

    Water in the bottom of the refrigerator means trouble if it is not taken care of soon. I hope it is not running onto the floor, yet.

    Generally when the refrigerator is having water collect in the bottom of a compartment, there is a problem with the evaporator drain hose. This hose drain the water from the coils when the unit defrosts. If the drain, somehow becomes clogged it will overflow and pool in the bottom of the compartment. I would recommend you call 1-800-469-4663 which is Sears Service and have a technician come out to solve the problem for you.

  3. Hi pappasmurf! Thanks for posting your question today. We can have an Appliance expert respond. Can you post your model number and maybe the age of your fridge? That will be helpful to have for troubleshooting this issue. Thanks!

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      This is a Kenmore refridgerator, Model # ck30-it, purchased new in 1997

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      Sorry, wrong information. Correct info is: Kenmore refridgerator, Model # 363.9652714

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