We have a Kenmore refrigerator (model 795.7130) purchased less than 3 years ago that now makes a loud vibrating sound when the compressor comes on. Has anyone else had that problem?


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  1. Cheliver, I understand your concern about the sound. Now, it's not unusual for this type of noise to occur when the compressor starts. It's very possible this will be normal but it could also be a refrigerant line vibrating that may just need to be adjusted slightly. There have not been any other issues of this type of problem that is showing. I would recommend checking the owner's manual, where it explains some of the sounds you may hear that will be normal. If you would like to have a technician check this, you can call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a tech to come out. I hope this helps you.

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      What ended up being the problem as my freezer is doing the same thing.