We just got a Lady Kenmore Gas Dryer very old one Model 7207901W. Does it have an electronic ignition or a pilot light? Where is it?


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  1. This particular dryer uses an ignitor to light the gas. The part number of the ignitor is 27931. To access the ignitor remove the lint filter from the top panel and remove the two screws you see ther. Then use a putty knife to release the two clips holding the front of the top panel. Raise the top panel. Remember to unplug the dryer first. There are two nuts holding the top corners of the front panel. Remove the nuts then pull out and up on the front panel to remove it. You will then have access to the ignitor. Removing the drum will give you the best access but note how the belt is routed before removing it. I hope this helps.

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      Thank you for the quick reply. We think(hope) the ignitor works. If not, you have given us the info to fix it and the part number. Great service! We really appreciate it.

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    No luck getting results from the manual or parts databases, using the supplied model number.

    Does the machine have another model number in a xxx.yyyyy format, with no letters in it?

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