We just had the recall service performed on our Kenmore Elite washing machine and now it is unusable. We have tried to wash five loads and have had between 2 and 10 unbalanced errors per load! What had been a very nice machine is now unusable. How do we get a usable machine back again?


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  1. Model: 79629002000 / SN: 102KWCF05755 / Service Order: 41542481 / Desc: Repair per sf26-810 / Sears' recall notice: / CPC recall notice: / I have unplugged several times. / How do I avoid paying for a service trip if the problem is indeed the newly installed software? [Sorry about the funky format but this tool doesn't like carriage-returns.]

  2. Randy_Smith: Based on your symptom and details, you need to call and have the service technician come back out and diagnose the issue. It may or may not be related to the recent service provided. You could try disconnecting the power cord for a couple of minutes to reset the control board and then see if it makes any difference. If it doesn't, call service.

  3. Hi there, Randy_Smith! Welcome to MySears! One of the Appliance Experts who helps out with these kinds of troubleshooting questions can offer a tip or two on your washer. If you could also provide the model number of your washer, this can make sure the answer is specific to your needs.

    An Expert will respond shortly. I will reach out to let you know when an answer is posted.


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