We need to replace our ac/heat pump and were considering Sears for purchase and installation. Any ideas/information would be helpful. We are just comparative shopping right now.

We want a 2 1/2 to 3 ton unit.


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  1. First you need to determine how the old system worked. If it was a 2.5 ton system, did it heat and cool sufficiently or did it seem to have to run a lot. In this case, than you may want to upgrade to a 3 ton system. I would also recommend having a representative come out to check the existing system and to determine if the indoor section will need to be upgraded or if it will still be acceptable. There are also various features on heat pumps to consider and I would suggest checking with the representative to determine what would you would like or what may be best for you that may also work with your existing system.

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      I am sorry Scott but I have to partially disagree with you on this. Should the unit be running 'a lot' in either heating or cooling modes and maintaining the desired temperatures then the unit is correctly sized. However should the unit have failed to maintain the desired temperatures, except in the most extreme and unusual of ambient conditions, then it is undersized and should be 'upsized'. The units are at their most effcient when they run continuously however this is not desirable, from several aspects, once the desired temperature is reached. One final point is that a 'modern' 2.5 ton unit wilvery likely be much more thermally effcient than an 'old' unit.

  2. Before you decide, check for customer complaints on the internet. Some HVAC companies do well, some have many complaints. Sears rents their name to different companies, buying a unit "from Sears" is really buying from the company that is using the name. Some other chains do the same thing, so be careful.

    Cost is also a factor and there is a great price differential between companies.

  3. Thanks for your questions today, Myra-Pop! I am sure our Appliance Experts will have a good suggestion of the right pump for you. Check back soon for a reply!

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