we purchased a kenmore elite refir about 4 years ago and have always had the ma on it…thank god because its been nothing but trouble from day one…so much so that sears has agreed to replace it. current model is 795.79754.900. we found out that sears only has 1 model 71054.2117.64 available in beige. the whole kitchen is beige. the 1 model available does not have some of the features on our current model. i was told sorry about that. that is unacceptable to me. what other options do i have. please help.

I am a 42 year retired associate


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  1. WOW! Mine was 18 mos- Kenmore 795-7130-- within first year loud noise and ice build-up on interior freezer wall and within freezer walls- warrany 1 year- before it ran out, tech came and said it was the freezer basket- changed it and defrosted interior freezer wall.-- within 6 mos iced over again- called techs- now outside warranty- Sears will not replace despite 100s of the exact same complaint I found online and the exact problem techs never fixed while under warranty. This needs a recall- I am out $1500- JUNK. Yesterday, I went to Sears and the floor model had ice build-up!!! I showed the manager and even he was upset about this. Always been a Sears faithful- 40 years of appliances- never again- they no longer stand behind their product. Defective design by LG. Customer Service so horrible, even store appliance manager was apologizing and upset. I saw a customer about to purchase this same piece of junk and I pointed out the icing and showed her my 20 printed off pages of complaints- she thanked me. Sears needs to listen to their (once) loyal customers- Customer Care it is not.

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      Hi Laurie4756! Welcome to MySears! We can have the SearsCares team reach out on this thread, if you would like to also discuss the problems you are having with your refrigerator.

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  2. Dear phillyfanin,

    We are terribly sorry to hear of the trouble with your refrigerator exchange. We are happy to reach out to you and discuss the concerns that you have and see what other options we have available. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (phillyfanin), phone # used at time of purchase to and we will be in touch. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Thank you,
    Misty H.
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  3. Hi phillyfanin! Welcome to MySears! Sorry to hear you have had such troubles with your fridge. I am glad to hear Sears is going to replace it for you!

    We can get you in touch with a Case Manager on the SearsCares team to discuss your options with you. Check back here in a bit for a reply from a team member looking for more information to assist.