We recently bought a kenmore electric range and we have been loving it. However we melted a clear plastic container and can not remove it. Please help! Thanks


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  1. To clean the glass cooktop, you should first try the cleaner polish for the smooth top.

    If that doesn't work, put some Bon Ami or Barkeepers friend on a damp cloth or sponge. Rub the cleanser into the melted plastic and scrub.

    If this doesn't remove the plastic, use a razor blade knife like you use for scraping paint off a window. Hold the knife at about a 30 degree angle and scrape the plastic off. This will not damage the cooktop. Clean the remnants off with the cloth and cleanser. ( don't use a cleanser with an abrasive in it). Barkeepers friend or Bon Ami work good.

    When you are through, coat the cooktop with the cleaner/polish for the cooktop. You can buy this at most grocery stores. The cleaner/polish will coat the cooktop with a protective coat and make spills easier to remove. In the oven try scrapping the plastic off with a one sided razor blade. The cooktop cleaners should not be used in the oven. Thank you for using mySearscommunity.

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      The melted plastic is inside of the oven. How do I get it off the two metal oven racks ?

      I did a self cleaning inside the oven and most of it came off the inside.

      Please let me know

  2. Hi Tphillipson! Thanks for your question today. I can say I have almost done that at least a dozen times-such an easy thing to forget about when cooking! I am passing this one along to the Appliance Experts, who should have some ideas on how to get that container off your range.

    I will contact you via email once the Expert responds in a bit.


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      Hello Tphillipson, you may want to try this trick, apply a cold pack to the plastic, then try to break it up and remove. Depending on the model and type this may release the stuck plastic enought to remove. If you need more help reply back with a model number off the range/oven so we can determine the surface of the oven liner and advise.

      Ron H.

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      Hi Ron,
      The model is 790.9537, 9538

      I just started to do a 4 hour oven clean but it's really smoky and the smell is awful. I'm worried about breathing in the chemicals especially my 4 year old son.

      What should I do?

      It was a clear plastic muffin container from the grocery store.

      I think I'm going to shut off the oven bc the smell is filling up the house and don't want to do damage to our bodies

      Please let me know what you suggest

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      Oh and I took out the 2 oven take to clean it but they also have clear melted plastic on them.

      Can I put these in the oven during self cleaning?

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      Tphillipson: Putting the oven racks in the oven and starting a self-cleaning cycle is not recommended because the extreme heat can cause the rack to darken and not slide in and out easily. But if you can't scrape the plastic off, then be aware if you put racks in the oven and start a self-clean cycle, it can discolor the rack and cause it to be difficult to slide in and out. You can put light film of vegetable oil on the rack to help it slide easer if your wind up putting the oven racks in the oven for cleaning.