Went to return an impact wrench that I used twice and never worked again. My wife bought it for me about 10 months ago so I figured they would take it back, exchange it or at least get store credit. We are reward members so I assumed our purchases were tracked but I guess its only for 90 days….although the warranty is a year?? We were told there was nothing they could do for us. Guess you lost a customer Sears, so disappointing. You used to be able to rely on craftsman for reliability and for warranty but I guess that’s no longer true.


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  1. Hey broncomike! Welcome to MySears! madgolfer is correct-you can view your purchases going way back either through, the Shop Your Way app or right on I can walk you through viewing your past orders on, right here. Follow these steps to do so:

    • Log on to
    • Click your name in the top right hand corner.
    • Click "order center"

    From there, you will be able to see all your past orders.

    Let us know how your exchange goes!


  2. Hey Broncomike, the SYW records go back for three years on the iPhone ap if you use iPhone. Open the ap and your account, click on Shop Your Way Rewards, then history at the bottom of that screen. The last 3 months activity comes up by default, but you can change the time period at the top of that screen. Another way to search a receipt is by searching all sales for the credit card at a register in the store where the wrench was purchased, hope this helps get you an exchange, good luck.

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