Went to the local Sears to see some of the HE washers/dryers that have been recommended to me, but was told that HE machines do not allow you to adjust the water level.

Hello- I know I have made several post in here, but I am still trying to find the best washer/dryer for my household. I did go to the local Sears to look at a couple of the machines that have been recommended to me. I was unable to get a salesperson to help me (I did ask one about the ability to adjust the water level with the HE machines), but from what I could see the HE washers do not allow you to adjust the water level. Also, I did notice that 2 of that were recommended neither had a second rinse. Is it possible to get a HE washer with a second rinse?

When I was online I also tried to purchase one Kenmore HE washer/dryer that was recommended to me. I was able to put it in the cart, and select the options to install the washer/dryer. However, a few seconds later a blackness came over the screen and it said these items are not available for deliver or are out of stock. I removed the items and tried to add a few more washer/dryer bundles to the cart but each time it said not available for delivery or the items are out of stock. Is this just because of the time of year?

Also, does any of the Community Team know if there is a highly recommended washer/dryer combo that allows one to adjust the water level (I understand that with a HE one usually wants to save on water and this is my goal too, but sometimes the water level needs to be adjusted to a lower or higher setting) and also has a second rinse? I am not interested in the washer with a heater that is supposed to help with sanitizing. Any suggestions on getting a washer/dryer bundle to be delivered would also be appreciated. The Kenmore washer/dryer combo I had about 5 years ago allowed me to adjust the water level, add a second rinse, had several dispensers for detergent, detergent booster, and bleach, and most important of all had a great spin cycle that seemed to be gentle on the fabric too. Are these machines available anymore? I do not remember the model number, but if anybody knows of a HE washer/dryer bundle that allows one to adjust the water level, turn the second rinse on, has a detergent, bleach, and chorine free oxygen based stain remover like OxiClean dispenser. Thank You!


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  1. Hello Kooler1, BlueCrewGuyInMA is correct his assessment of the HE washer and the second rinse. Another thing to note about the operation of HE washers is that the water level is actually not set, the washers will automatically adjust the amount of water per the actual load and they do not require user intervention. The electronic control is programmed to sense the load and the software has been rigorously tested and extremely accurate and efficient. Less water actually washes quite a bit better than more, the action of the garments in the tub is more conducive to pushing the water through the garments versus then floating around in the wash water and having less mechanical activity to force the water through them. I hope that this helps you with your decision.

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      Yea, I was helping a friend because he remembered my first HE Kenmore and the ability I had to control the water level. He just got a new Kenmore washer and since there is no detergent dispenser in the model he got he started the machine and since he did not add the cloths it started agitating at the lowest level. he was going to add the cloths once there was a little water so he could mix the detergent in and then add the rest of the cloths. so the Kenmore HE I had that did allow me to adjust the water level is no longer around? This was when the HEs first came out.

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      Jerry- what washer/dryer bundle would you recommend and hopefully I will be able to add it to a cart, put in my address and get a new washer/dryer delivered and installed. I need a second rinse, detergent dispenser, Oxi dispenser (can you add dry Oxi to a liquid dispenser?), a great spin cycle like the Kenmore HE had, would like the pedestals but there is part of the wall that will not allow the machines to go that high and I think the top loaders are too hard on the fabrics. Do all top loaders have the agitator in them? what front loader Kenmore He would you suggest?

  2. Re: availability, the Super Buy Black Friday items were limited quantities offers, so as they sold out, their availability would change. was being bombarded over the Friday-Monday stretch, and the site had to update itself constantly to reflect current availabilities throughout the country. The biggest deals sold out fastest, as would be expected.

  3. HE washers don't allow for selection of water levels. They determine how much water is required based on the amount of laundry in the machine. So, I'm afraid that criterion will have to either go or you'll have to stop looking at HE washers. Also, almost every HE washer available has a second rinse option. Off the top of my head, I can't recall any that don't. Which model(s) did you see that didn't have it? There are very few models with OxiClean dispensers. The Kenmore 28002 has one, and the top Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum model has one for liquid OxiClean.

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      What Kenmore HE bundle would you recommend now? If you can believe it I am still looking for a washer/dryer bundle. You first recommended a matching washer/dryer (Kenmore) o the old site. I moved and had to deal with a smaller area where the w/d goes. I waited to get a good deal around Black Friday and every time I put one in my cart and went back to put the address in for delivery the machines would get blacked out, so it is now 12/14 and I still am going to the laundry mat about 1 year after your first recommendation. I have a nice Kenmore HE in my cart now but for the dryer when I put the address in it says they are not able to service that address but the washer was added fine. So not sure if I should just purchase it and chance it or look for another pair.