What am I supposed to do when the repair shop breaks my sewing machine (livelihood) and I am told that all I can do is send it back in, be without it AGAIN for however many weeks (last time it was a little over 5 weeks), and trust that they will fix it this time not break it!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I was told that I was offered the wrong support plan. I should have been offered the one where if I have a problem I send the machine in and get reimbursed so I can get another one that works, that day!!!! Again, I have to pay for Sears’s mistakes. Is there anything anyone there at Sears can do for me as I need a machine NOW that works to be able to get paid? Believe me, if I could afford it, I would throw this one away and buy a new one somewhere else but I can’t so I HOPE you can help me!

I sent the sewing machine in because it wouldn’t do anything besides turn on and a code came up and that was it. When I got the machine back it worked, sort of. The tension was all messed up. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it to stop puckering, even at -3. I looked at the sheet that told what they did and it said they “fixed the tension adjustment problem”. The problem is, there was no problem with the tension adjustment when I sent it in. There is now!!!!! It is not useable for the work I do.
Also, probably not a big deal to most but my machine came back filthy. I wish I never purchased this at Sears.


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  1. Dear booker6345,

    Our apologies for the trouble with getting your sewing machine repaired and back in a timely manner. We want to look into this process on your behalf as well as partner up with our service team to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (booker6345), phone # used at time of purchase to and we will have a member from our team in touch. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you,
    Misty H.
    MySears Community Moderator

    1. In response to SHC-MistyH

      Hello Misty,

      I sent the following e-mail to as requested and I STILL have not heard from anyone!!!! Please can you tell me how to get in touch with corporate and who I should speak to so i can get some service?

      E-mail sent on Wednesday July 31, 2013 at 3:04pm:

      To Whom It May Concern:

      I am looking forward to speaking with someone who, I hope, can help me. I spent almost 2 hours on the phone yesterday on three different calls with at least 4 people in 4 different areas. They were all very nice but it turned out none of them could help me. I was, and am, extremely frustrated and upset. I am losing a lot of work time and that means money that I can’t afford to lose.

      FYI – I had to go on disability 5 years ago because I developed a complex sleep apnea that causes me to sleep 16 to 20 hours per day and I am not in control of which hours they are. For some reason no one wants a bookkeeper, accounting manager or computer expert that can’t stay awake all day. Because I am a worker I had to find SOMETHING to do in the 4 – 6 good hours that I do have a day to make a little extra money and to keep me going. This way even if my good hours fall in the middle of the night I can still work. I am only telling you this so maybe you will realize why this has been and continues to be such a problem for me. If I could afford to buy another machine I would but I can’t. I can’t even afford to rent one!

      Below is the info you requested:

      My contact # is (2**) 692-**** or (2**) 4**-****

      I am available all day every day except for today; I have an appt. at 3:30 pm. I should be back by 5pm. Otherwise most of the day, any day, is fine as I work from home (when I have a machine that works). If I don’t answer, please leave a message and I will call when you tell me to. I am really looking forward to resolving this issue.

      My screen name is booker6345

      The phone # used at time of purchase was either (2**) 6**-**** OR (2**) 4**-****

      If it helps:

      Order date: September 27, 2012 Order No. #406490810

      Sales check No. #093002544137

      Store No. #0002695

      Item No. #02098030000 (sewing machine) & #07002268292 (2-yr In-Shop Protection Agreement)

    2. In response to SHC-MistyH

      Hi booker6345! Thanks for the update! I have passed this along to the SearsCares team-I did remove the bulk of your contact information once I sent on, for your security.

      Look to hear from someone soon!

    3. In response to SHC-MistyH

      Hi booker6345,

      Our apologies for the delay. I see that we have received your contact information and a personal case manager will be in touch as soon as possible to address your concerns. Thank you so much for your patience with this matter.

      Thank you,
      Misty H.
      MySears Community Moderator

  2. Welcome, booker6345! I am so sorry that you are having such trouble getting your sewing machine repaired. I can see it is so important to you and know this has to be a huge inconvenience. The SearsCares team will be happy to follow up with you on this and make sure you get your machine back in a timely manner. You can also discuss other warranty options, if you would like.

    Check back right here in a bit! A team member will comment below looking to help.


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