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  1. Typical Christmas Eve is to go to my mom's side of the family at my uncle and aunts houise. Then drive back to my parents house and go to midnight mass, open all our gifts and sleep in. Though this year my parents went to visit my brothers out of state and didnt arrive til late on Christmas Eve. So I drove to my hometown and spent the evening with one of my best and oldest friends. Went to bed and did morning mass then dinner and presents.

  2. We always have our children over and my father-in-law. I fix Chili and we open presents and watch old home movies.

  3. We usually have an ENORMOUS meal at my in-laws and then get the kids home and in bed somewhat early-because they are up at the crack of dawn on Christmas Day!

    They always leave out cookies and milk for Santa, along with broccoli and carrots for the reindeer.

  4. I let my children open one gift on Christmas eve and I also give them brand new p.j.'s to wear on Christmas eve. They look so cute on Christmas morning in their new x-mas pajamas. Even the adults get new pajamas to wear!

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