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  1. For my family would be some comfortable chairs and loungers as well as a fire pit and gazebo. That way we can take our family time outside and enjoy nature more! ;-)

      • San Jose, CA

    A pair of gliding bench seats, out on a deck, overlooking a couple of ponds, with the frogs a sing'n.

  2. My household would say a fire pit and comfy seating are MUSTS!

      • San Jose, CA

    Considering some of the aggressive ground cover and wild black-berry plants that, left untrimmed, can quickly encroach on our backyard oasis, a Bill Hook and Brush Hook are excellent tools to handle removal of some of the more aggressive vegetation advances into the backyard area.

    We have dogs and don't really like to use "chemicals" to kill the growth.

    Sharp tools are Good.

      • San Jose, CA

    A perfect Must-Have would be a smart looking Garden tool shed, that keeps all of my Craftsman Lawn & Garden tools organized, dry and right at hand when I need to do some yardwork.

    I understand there are some Craftsman sheds available now.

  3. Hi there! I spoke with our Outdoor Style expert and she has some great suggestions:

    COMFORT! Make it easy to entertain with a basic dining set with sling chairs (they will hold up well against the weather & dry quickly!). Or, you can keep it casual with a seating set, and it will feel like you have moved your family room outside! Most seating sets have a love seat, 2 chairs, and a coffee table.

    If your area is exposed to the sun, consider a shade structure (like a gazebo) to protect your furniture & yourself from the sun.

    Hope that helps!

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