What do any of the regular posters’ to the ‘old’ site think of this new one?

The only ‘good’ thing I can find to say is that once a post has been made it cannot be altered. There was one poster on the ‘old’ site who regularly ‘edited’ his posts after other comments where made. This is not now possible. It is also of course something of a two edged sword as a poster cannot ‘cut and paste’ from a word processing program and have all the punctuation marks transfer correctly, additionally, as there is no ‘spell checker’ available on this new site my terrible spelling, compunded by my lack of typing skills make some of my post a little hard to decipher. Sorry about that. One site I contributed to allows editing, and deletion, of posts until such time as another poster has made a comment, then what you have ‘got down’ is what stays. I believe something similar here would be an improvement.


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  1. I liked the old site better and frequented it more often because of it ease of use.

  2. I agree the old site was much better. I feel like Sears is trying to control what is being said on this site. They only want positive and happy entries. If someone decides to enter a not so positive comment Sears cancels all the posts and starts over with more restrictions. I think that will make customers more upset and we are seeing Sears true colors - they even cancel spell check how controlling is that! I don't know what Sears expected when they started this site. A great big happy go lucky time? Grow-up Sears and take it on the chin and let us have our say about your company. I have spent enough money with you I should be able to comment on your company.

  3. BigMike & Service Locally - Thank you for your comments, I agree with every one them. Added to which this site is extremely slow to respond, even compared to Managemylife', which does put the latest comment at the top of the list. This site having to hunt through 'everything' to find out if you have received any comment on a post is a pain in the rear end and, in my view, very counter productive, perhaps that was the object?

  4. Several problems come to mind with this new site. First and foremost threads and questions tend to get buried seeing as new replies do not bring the thread back up to the top of the list. This means that even threads with multiple replies tend to be hidden quickly.

    Secondly, there is no real easy way to find older (even 10 days older) threads, the only way is to go back page by page, with only 10 threads per page. Again this means that the interaction between posters is limited

    As to the spell check issue the new board does allow my spell check (in Firefox) to work, which to me is preferable to the spell check that the old board had.

    Of course the lack of ability for members to communicate directly, rather than having to post here, especially when the message is not pro Sears (which is likely to be removed even if there is no good reason other than it makes Sears look bad) is a problem.

    While some of the experts are helpful, many seem to have as a stock answer "call and have a technician come out". People posting here are looking for a way to fix problems without having to call for service (with the cost in time, money and aggravation)

    All in all I would say that this board is not an improvement, and in fact seems to be designed to limit, rather than increase customer participation.

    1. In response to BigMike4511

      One other issue is that there is no way to actually have paragraphs. Everything just runs together no matter how you type it. Hitting the enter (return) key to start a new line, or skip a line is useless

  5. I don't like this site at all, for all the reasons you listed, plus we can't direct our comments to someone in the thread. All the comments are directed to the same person. At least I couldn't get it to reply to the person I wanted to.

    You know what really bugs me and yes it is odd, but I don't like the way the site rolls when you scroll down. It always has that huge MySearsCommunity banner at the top and I can only see three posts at a time. Seriously, why is that there and why doesn't that scroll up?

    I thought I'd give it a chance but I really just don't like it. I'm old (not really, just feel like it) and set in my ways. I'd bet that the ViewPoints contract expired and Sears didn't want to pay to renew it.

    So for anyone with a complaint and you want to make sure it stays available. Be sure to post it on three or four sites, don't trust Sears to keep it because one day it will conveniently disappear.

      • San Jose, CA

    This new site seems to make use of more Sears personnel to actually answer questions.

    It is a little more difficult to make "statements" on the new format than the old.

    The poster is encouraged to pose posts in the form of questions for other site members and sears folks to answer.

    1. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be but there are a few questions which have been asked, and this is not one of them, that would require an answer from a 'Sears Expert' which have, so far, failed to get an 'Expert' response. At least on 'Manage My Life' it is extremely unusual to not get an answer from an 'Expert'. I may not always agree with the 'Expert', at least on the subjects of which I have some knowledge, but the vast majority are, in my opinion, knowledgable and helpful. I know that they are constrained by company policy, which may lead to them giving answers limited by that policy. Fortunately I am not constrained on this site by the same restrictions, except of course by the censors' "delete" button.

        • San Jose, CA

      Some of your posts have been deleted?

      That is very unfortunate.

      I'm afraid that at the rate I post and travel from site to site, I might not even "notice" a deleted post.

      Keep up the good work!

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