What ever happened to true customer service?

Sir,In the short span of 2 months my family has experienced the lackluster ruse of customer service that at one time Sears was known to rise above the rest of retail in.The first was when my Daughter tried to purchase a Futon online. After inputting all her information and submitting,an error message told her that her card was declined as debit and to re-submit as credit. Being the smart girl we raised she checked her bank first,and sure enough the funds were debited. When she contacted customer service she was informed that she had no pending order. She was instructed to wait 48 hrs and the funds should be reversed back to her,as there would be no action from Sears. She was even given a reference number as to her inquiry.After 96 hours when the funds still weren’t reversed my daughter called her bank and then did a conference call with Sears customer service.While her bank remained in the background,my daughter once again asked about the charges and the order. The woman from customer service was to say the least rude,she insisted that there were no charges and no pending order. At that point my daughter’s banker spoke and informed the customer service rep. as to the exact date and time of the order,and the exact time Sears took the funds from my daughters account,with a reference number to the transaction. The Sears rep would not back down and admit to an error,so my daughter;s bank told the rep. thank you and that the bank would open a dispute and she could leave the line. My daughter’s bank did refund the charges and we have heard nothing else from Sears. Just so you know,my daughter is a full time student at FSU and has a full time job as a customer service associate for Walmart-she knows retail and she works very hard for her money.Not very nice of you to try and steal it.
In June of this year I purchased a new Maytag French Door refrigerator from Aarons,a store that I have done business with for 15 years without complaint. Since June I have had to replace the light in the freezer 4 times,it kept popping. After the fourth time I felt something might be wired wrong so I contacted Aarons and got the warranty information. An appointment was made and I took the day off. The scheduled time was from 1pm to 5pm,with a confirmation call to be made before the tech’s arrival. At 11 am I called to confirm because I had to pick my Grandson up from school and didn’t want to miss the confirmation call thereby canceling my appointment. I was told at that time that the tech should be at my home around 3:30 pm so great no problem. At 4:30 pm I called to make sure we were still on track,at that time I was told that my appointment was pushed to 5pm-6pm. At 6:20pm I call and was told my appointment was pushed to 6pm to 7pm. At 7:20 I called again and was told that I needed to reschedule!!!! No one ever called me,I did all the calling and then I was canceled with no phone call,and no consideration that I took the day off and waited all day for the tech.The next morning when I called I was told I couldn’t have another appointment until the 23rd of October,2 weeks! Not acceptable. When I called to complain about it I was directed to another authorized Sears service who made me an appointment for the following Sat.- 10/12/2013. The next day I receive a phone call from Field’s Service saying I had no warranty and they needed to hear from me to accept the service fees before they came.Unreal! I called Aarons to have them fax over my bill of sale to prove my 2yr parts and labor warranty.While speaking to the store manager Johnathon about all I was going thru,he was very apologetic and told me that he was sending over one of his stores techs to look at the fridge. Within 5 minutes the problem was fixed.That sir is customer service! It was not their issue to solve,But they are the one’s who stepped up and got the job done. They have had my loyal business for 15 years and will continue too,Sears and anything affiliated with Sears will never see a penny from myself or my family again. I posted my experience on your Facebook page and the response from”sears cares” was an automated farce. I also sent some tweets on Twitter and got the same automated nonsense.If you can’t see that the decline of your company is most in part to do with how you treat your customers,then you need to come down from that pedestal you have perched yourself on and read the comments on the social media sites.Customers made Sears what it once was,and without us it will soon be “Sears who??”


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  1. Dear martineezze,

    We thank you for reaching out to us regarding this situation. My name is Edwin and I’m with the Sears Cares Social Media Support team. We apologize for the experience your daughter encountered with her online order as well as the problems you were faced with by no one following up with you on the service repair of your refrigerator. We’ll be happy to forward this information to your case manager for attention.

    Edwin C.
    MySears Community Moderator

  2. Hi, martineezze. Welcome to the MySears Community! I am very sorry to hear about these two disappointing experiences with Sears. We would like to have our Customer Care Team reach out to you to address this further. We will reach out to you by email with next steps.

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out and providing us the opportunity to help!

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