What Favorite TV Brand Do You Like?

I am on the look out for a new TV to purchase.

I had bought a Spectre 32″ a 1 1/2 ago and it now has a big black spot directly in the middle of the screen. I am thinking this is why they were selling at a low price when purchased.

The sound and picture were remarkable with no unknown issues, just all of sudden when turned on, had a big black spot in the middle. I had called to see if repairable, but of course would cost more than what I purchased. LOL

So now I am looking for another TV and suggestions for longer lasting viewing for myself and family.

I would love to hear your thoughts for I will be looking to purchase this weekend for some great new series are starting soon this month!

Thank you!


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  1. Lots of people definitely seem to be loyal to their TV brand! We have a Samsung LED TV. It is great! I haven't checked out any other brands, but Samsung is always highly rated and reliable, so we went with that.

  2. Samsung. Sony. Panasonic. Toshiba. Those are the brands I'd recommend checking out, in order of priority, for LED televisions. If it's plasma you're after (has to be greater than 42" screen), check out Panasonic.

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      Thank you both for your thoughts for I was leaning more towards the Samsung as I was doing more research this morning. I finally settled on this Samsung for the ratings are outstanding and I am sure it will last more than a year LOL

      I am confused however on what the difference is between the 720p and the 1080p? Does this have to do with gaming and sorts?

      Appreciate your input Julie and BlueCrewGuyInMA!

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      Hey Wendy, the pixels have a great deal to do with clarity on gaming and your HD cable channels. I buy Samsung also, and the 720p is efficient for the 20 inch flat I have, but the larger flat is 1080p, not just for gaming and HD but this Samsung has 3D built in. My vote is for Samsung also. Hope this helps.

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      Thank you Dark Tiger!

      I appreciate you sharing the difference of the 720p and the 1080p. That makes perfect since for I know my son was always complaining about the clarity when he had used my older TV.

      This new TV is remarkable! I love everything about it so far. What a difference when comparing both models.

      The only thing that we have not checked is gaming. But I am sure once my son comes up to visit he will be adding his input since the last he played was on the Sceptre.

      Have a great day!