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    I think all of those posts have been carefully archived.

    The archival site is away from this site.

    Hopefully, not the way the Sears Big Books were archived on microfiche and sent to selected libraries around the US.

    Mmm... There ain't no Internet access to microfiche.

    Too bad. I logged a lot of Posts on the old format site.

    I guess that is why paper catalogs and file folders are a Good thing to have, to keep a history of past projects and retail offerings.

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    Oh! I've got an idea for a new site feature for the site.

    How about the ability to upload pictures to the site?

    I believe the site, the Manage My Life site and the reviews site all have the ability to accept poster submitted pictures.

    There could be product pictures. Products being used pictures. Accessories that can be used with Products pictures and old-gold Sears/ Craftsman items.

    Who wants to see a 1966 Ride-on mower?

    How about an old Craftsman Woodworker's plane.

    And, of course, Craftsman ornaments through time.

  1. Checked a few products I own and it seems my product reviews still exist. Tried hard to keep the product reviews helpful, objective and honest thus it would have been annoying to have them lost so soon. Blogs is the way this forum is going to be...

  2. @AdamO - They didn't lose the old site's history you just can't transfer the old format into something so totally different. Sears has done tons of community revisions. Social Sears was the original community located on and had about 3 different "wipeouts" before it became and was incorporated to

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      should the 'old history' not be lost then where is it? Can the 'old contributors' still see what they postd and refer others to those posts? I do not think so!
      Sear has wiped out a lof adverse comments!!!!

    2. In response to Civsci

      No longer on the internet and probably wiped out at this point. The new community and the old community co-existed for 3 days, before the domain was redirected to the new site, leaving the old database offline. Anyway I apologize, I am speaking in technical terms in response to a comment suggesting Sears "accidentally" lost the old database which is not accurate.

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      I will say however that all the product reviews on the platform were migrated to, which makes more sense in my opinion.

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      Parts of the old database still are accessible. I have an email friend request that still links to my old profile. Interesting that I've been re -identified as living in Lowell instead of Galloway which has no zip code and unable to switch to Brackney my true home. Agree with Inquisitivemind, the new format doesn't interest me anymore, ciao

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      In response to Civsci

      I don't think they "lost" the old Tool Talk discussions when the conversion was made to the MyCraftsman site, either.

      Old information is, well, OLD.

      The Internet is all about what is NEW and fresh!

  3. Hi All! We did move the site over to be closer to, basically replacing the old MySears Community! More convenient and easier to navigate for users, new and old. We are still working on adding more and more features, so visit often to see what we are up to over here on the new MySears Community!

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Whilst I have voted this as 'helpful' because it answers the posed question. I do not believe the 'new format' is easier to navigate or to use.
      As for new features some of the old ones being transfered would be more help. Just my opinion.

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    This new site relies on BLOG articles to stimulate discussions about the BLOG topics.

    There are more BLOGS and Guides than the Craftsman Community site current has active.

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    I think they migrated over to the server(s) and lost the former site's database of history.

    The same thing occurred when the Craftsman "Tool Talk" site was replaced with the newer Craftsman Community site.

    Answering BLOGS is one way this new site works.

    But, "questions" can be entered by posters, too.

    So, just like that old game show's format, you should try to think of your post in terms of a "question".

  4. Forum improvements are always welcomed but parts of the old forum that got me interested / participating now seem to be missing or gone. Incentives for product reviews and past hot topic discussions seem to have vanished.

    1. In response to Vimk

      Vimk - I believe most of the 'hot topics' you refer to were critical, in some way or other, of Sears performance.
      This 'new format' has removed these topics and I for one find the new format 'disappointing' and difficult to follow. Perhaps that was one of the objectives?

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      In response to Vimk

      I believe both the and sites still robustly support product reviews.

      The Craftsman site has to have "new" products manually added to its list of reviewable items. So, for submitting new product reviews, the site may be the way to go.