What happened to the Sears I remember?

I have been a customer of Sears for 40 plus years. Practically all of the appliances in my house came from Sears, and every year, we would take out a maintenance agreement on them, although they were quality appliances and seldom needed service. The last four or five years, the appliances have needed to be serviced or replaced (mainly the new appliances) and to get someone to come out and repair anything is almost impossible. My latest encounter has been with my swamp cooler, which was installed on top of my house in March 1982. A technician usually comes out around the end of May to service the swamp cooler for the summer, and then returns in September to winterize it.

On Monday, September 9, 2013, at about 1:00 pm, I attempted to call and make an appointment to winterize my swamp cooler. After giving the individual my name, phone number, etc, they put me on hold for about 15 minutes. When they came back, they told me they no longer service my area for ALL electric appliances. I told them they had just been out on August 2, 2013 to service this appliance, as it was giving off a burning odor, and the technician adjusted the belt and oiled the bearings. I was able to use it for about three weeks, and then the smell returned. For fear of a fire breaking out, I stopped using the swamp cooler. The temperature was in the 90s, but since I would need the swamp cooler winterized soon, I decided to just “sweat out” the remaining hot days, resorting to opening my windows and using my ceiling fans. The individual asked me to hold while they checked to see what was going on. After about a half hour, another person came on the line and asked what they could do to help me. I gave them the same information over again, and they put me on hold for another long period of time. When they came back, they said they were transferring me to someone else that could possibly help me. This continued from one person to another until 6pm. Then, I was told that someone would get back to me within the next four to six hours to see if they could authorize a contracted company to come out and service my swamp cooler.

The following day, I received several calls, as no one knew what the other person had told me. They were all looking for someone to help me. Finally, I received a call from Sears that I would be getting a call from Rocky Mountain Climate, Inc to make an appointment to service my swamp cooler. Later, I received a call from said company saying that a technician would come out Wednesday, September 11, 2013 to service the swamp cooler between 12 noon and 2pm. I said that would be fine and confirmed the appointment. Around 9am Wednesday morning, I received a call from the technician that he could come out in the next 15 minutes, as it looked as though it might rain later, so I went ahead and authorized him to come out earlier. He was very polite and thorough, but he said I would have to pay for the service, which made no sense as I have a maintenance agreement with Sears on this appliance. Since I am almost 85 years old, he gave me a senior discount. I wrote him the check and called sears again in reference to having to pay for the service. I was told I was not covered with a maintenance agreement, even though I am, and was transferred to someone else, who told me that I am indeed covered, and should not have paid Rocky Mountain Climate Inc. Then, Rocky Mountain Climate Inc called me and said Sears told them to cash the check, and that Sears would reimburse me. It was further discovered during this contact that the reason I was told to pay Rocky Mountain Climate Inc was due to Sears not informing them of my having a maintenance agreement. I have continued to get calls from Sears representatives, some saying I am entitled to be reimbursed, and others saying I am not.

I have been tugged around in every direction imaginable, talked to more than my share of representatives, put forth hundreds of thousands of dollars into this company, its products, and its services, and frankly, I’m quite disgusted and exhausted. At this point in my life, I should not have to go through fire and brimstone in order to have appropriate service and customer care, especially not from a company I have trusted in my home for 40 plus years. I understand times change, but what happened to the Sears I remember?


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  1. Hello vdani37,

    We appreciate you for taking the time to reach out to us and apologize for the frustration you are experiencing. We would be happy to have a case manager reach out to you and our business partners regarding your swamp cooler. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (vdani37), phone # used at time of purchase to

    Thank you,

    Dianne D.
    Social Media Moderator

  2. Hi vdani37,

    That is quite the ordeal you had just been through and I am very sorry that you had to experience such treatment when being such a long time customer on maintaining your appliances.

    I have escalated your concerns to our Sears Cares team so that they can look in to your account in locating your refund as well as to check on the issues you had occurred with the maintenance agreement.

    Once the additional information that they will be requesting from you is provided you will be assigned to a dedicated case manager. This will help in eliminating all of the associates that you had just encountered and to provide just one person whom you will correspond these issues with.

    Once a Sears Cares team member responds, I will be reaching out via email in letting you know.

    Again, we thank you for bringing this issue to us and we appreciative you giving us a chance to help in making it right.

    Thank you!