What in the world has happened to Sears? I have been buying appliances at Sears for the last 40 years as had my family before me. I have never gotten so much run around from a customer service group that sound like robots.

Mr. Edward Lampert CEO
Sears Holdings
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
Dear Mr Lampert,
What in the world has happened to Sears? On December 2, 2013, I purchased 5 appliances at the N. Shepherd store in Houston, TX to be delivered to, two addresses on the same street in San Antonio, TX. One of the locations is under going remodeling and was not far enough along to accept delivery on the appliances on the scheduled date, so I called customer service to reschedule it. I gave the representative the information for that delivery and was given a new date, January 16, 2014.
The 2nd email notification for the other Dec 21, 2013 delivery was not received so I called customer service again. The first agent rescheduled both deliveries for January 16, 2014, instead of only the requested one. The 2nd rep apologized but there was nothing that could be done to put my delivery back on the schedule. I hung up shaking my head in frustration. But this was only the beginning of an ongoing problem that is turning into a saga. I called customer service for a 3rd time. This time I got a young man who apologized for the incompetence of the other reps and said he would take care of the problem. He put me on hold so he could handle it. When he returned he said that I would have to return the merchandise (which I did not have) and it would have to be rung up again in order to see what delivery date would be available. This made no sense at all. I asked him if I would get my appliances at the original sales prices I paid if he did that. He didn’t know. Unimpressed with the level of competence thus far, I told him never mind I would wait until January 16th for the delivery. He offered me a Sears gift card for my trouble. He requested my email address and said it would arrive within 48 hours. I never got a gift card but, I did get a survey and a credit card bill.
On January 16th I got a call at 8am saying my delivery window was 11am -1 pm. If anything changed I would get another call. 1pm comes and goes so I call the delivery man. They were running late and it would be another hour and a half before they arrived. What happened to that call I would get if something changed? Closer to 2 hours later my new Kenmore refrigerator and range were delivered. I signed for them and began to unpack them. After removing all of the tape and film there are 2 dings, a scratch and discoloration on the outside of the fridge and a scrape on the inside of a freezer drawer. The range has a scratch on the side and the drawer on the bottom is not working.
So, I immediately called customer service. I was offered a $30 gift card to settle the matter. I asked if this was being taken off of my bill. He said no it was for a future purchase. No, thank you. He then offered a $60 Sears gift card to settle. No thank you again. So he gave me an exchange date without ever asking if the date was convenient for me. Since it wasn’t, I had to sit on hold again to change it.
Now that the fridge and the range have arrived and are sitting 2 feet apart. They don’t match even though they are both Kenmore. The fridge is stainless and gray and the stove is stainless and black. They look awful in my kitchen. I double checked online and the fridge only says stainless, nothing about a gray case. All of the appliances are lined up side by side at the store so you can only see the fronts. So I went to the Sears store and the Sears outlet in San Antonio to look at other options. I was told I would have to get permission to do an uneven exchange. I was given a local number to call. I was relieved to be calling a local person so I didn’t have to speak to the robotic customer service agents again. A young man answered and told me I had to speak with Delivery Solutions. He then transferred me to 1 (800) 366-2710 that was answered by one of the robotic agents. Knowing that this would get me nowhere I hung up. Truly why would the delivery department handle a return/ exchange? Again this makes no sense.
I tried to call the salesman at the Houston store. The phone rang & rang. Just as I was about to hang up a recording came on that asked me to leave a message. When the tone beeped so I could record, another message told me the memory was full and disconnected me. Wow…
I have not received the second delivery on the other set of appliances. I am about to cancel the 2nd order after all I have been through with this first order.


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  1. Hi shoesforme,

    Thank you for taking time to recount all the confusion and setbacks you have endured surrounding your new appliances. We realize this ongoing situation has been hard a matter with many challenges. My name is Brian and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I am taking this time to offer you our assistance. We would like to connect you with one of our dedicated case managers who will work closely with our store and delivery business partners. Please send your address, phone number used at the time of purchase with your screen name (shoesforme) and a good contact phone number to and a case manager will contact you directly. Again, thank you for bringing your appliance delivery experience to our attention; we look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Brian R.
    MySears Community Moderator

  2. Hi shoesforme,

    We thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I am so sorry that you are continuing to have issues on this matter. Your concerns are very important and I have escalated to our Sears Cares team to assist you further on this issue.

    Once a member from this team responds and receive your contact information, a dedicated case manager will be working with you further on getting all your concerns resolved.

    I will be reaching out via email to help in directing you back for contact once a response has posted.

    We appreciate you reaching out on this issue!

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