What is on your wish list this year?

My wish list only has one thing on it which is the- Craftsman 40” Wide 14-Drawer Ball-Bearing Tool Cart – Black. I even have a picture of it on my refrigerator door so everyone could see. LoL!!


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  1. @2500HD - I like your idea of putting a picture of what you want on your fridge so that there is no way anyone in your family could forget! Haha! I should try that! I like gift cards. Then I can choose what I want to get!

  2. I'd like a new leaf blower.

  3. I'd like a new Craftsman tool set.

  4. I'd love just a Sears gift card this year, so I can shop for anything!

      • San Jose, CA

    I'm thinking a pair of hip waders for when the season is right for clearing out the stream running through the property and maybe exploring the periphery of the two ponds.

    I understand the wader are sold "on-line".

  5. Great question, 2500HD! I hope you get your wish this year! That is a great cart. I would love a new pair of rain boots. My dog actually ate my old pair (bought on just last year!). I would love a similar pair of boots-the brand is Kamik. They were cute and kept my feet really dry!