What is one of the best mattresses that you have purchased and would recommend to others?

Mine was a Sleep Number for which was great to set my own firmness on my side of the bed.

I am not sure if they still have the one I had used, for I am unable to locate it, but they have newer and better ones out these days.

I like that I had my own controller and was able to set it to where I wanted it, and the ease of hitting the memory and it would fill it to the desired state of where I set it. ;)


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  1. I'm right there with you, Wendy. Our Sleep Number bed is the best thing ever. Our only regret is that I didn't buy it when I worked for them years ago. I would have gotten a HUGE discount! Still, one of the best things we've ever gotten. Worth every penny and then some.

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      I was lucky enough to have known someone who worked there so I had bought my bed for around $400. Great deal and lasted for 10 years, but then during a move I had put a hole in one of the mattresses. I was not able to find the exact match to replace so ended up getting another bed.

      Miss the old one by far ;)

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      You know, you could always get the air chambers replaced. If you called Select Comfort's customer service line, they could tell you what it would cost for a new chamber. I don't have any idea what they cost. Something to know for the next time you pierce one. :)

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      The only reason why I did not call, was because I could not find the model that I had any where online. lol

      Even when viewing the air chambers, there were none that even resembled mine. I have no idea why I could not find it, maybe the last of its kind??

      I finally gave up after a day of online searching on all these different sites and communities and gave it to a friend. I knew exactly where the leak was and told them if they could fix it they could have it.

      They had done what I had done, was able to fix it for a little while, and then eventually wake up with the mattress totally flat. I had tried all sorts of sealants and for some reason none of them took.

      I guess it was not meant to keep after having it that long ;)