What is Sears policy on how sears as a corporation treats their employees, more importantly their management staff

I want to know how sears views and values their employees. I am a spouse of a manager at sears and I am extremely disappointed at how little sears values their employees. I can understand that during busy times at sears the management staff would be required to work six days a week, but not all the time. your mission statement says “We are committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services, products and solutions that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships.” does that not also apply to your staff? How is your staff suppose to juggle family life as well as business life when now they are required to work six days if not seven days a week?


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  1. Hi chavez101,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us in the MySears Community!

    Please feel free to reach out to our Human Resources at 1-888-88sears (888-887-3277). They will be able to address your concerns as well as provide you with the resources needed in regards to the issue you have shared.

    Thank you!

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