What is supposed to happen when the ‘Follow’ button is clicked and then reads ‘Following’?

I would have thought that an email might be sent to the address the user was registered under but nothing happens and I cannot find anything in the FAQ’s about it.


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  1. Hey, IQ! Thanks for the question. When you "follow" a thread or post it appears on your profile page under the "Community Activity" tab. This makes it easy to access that thread to see any new posts.

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Julie - I have marked this as 'Helpful' as it answers the question as posted. However it also means that I have to go to my profile and reeve through all the posts I have contributed to. At the moment this is not arduous but as I continue to add other comments it will become more so. Now should 'my profile' list threads I have contributed to in the order that the last post, from anyone, is received that would be helpful. Managemylife does it that way.