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  1. All engines are test run at the factory before they leave for the stores or distribution warehouses. My guess is the smell is probably a small amount of fuel stabilizer that was added to the tank before it was sent out in order to prevent any residual gas from going bad or stale and attracting moisture in transit thus fouling out the carb or further damaging the inside of your engine. In my experience, the fuel stabilizer I have used smelled someone light starter or lighter fluid.

    It's perfectly safe and should burn off with your first tank full of gas although the general use of a fuel stabilizer in 4-cycle gas engines is highly recommended as a standard practice. Enjoy your new tractor!

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      Kevin's right, except at the factory they use kerosene to test the engines. They use kerosene because it isn't going to gum, varnish, absorb water, or break down in the time between manufacture and sale like gasoline is likely to do. All tractors will have the same smell when you open the tank. It's the ones that DON'T that you want to avoid! :)

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