What is the Model number for a Kenmore Elite Freestanding Electric Range with double ovens with the original Model number 2298003 purchase in March of 2008?

Purchased the above Range with double oven in 2008. Have been looking for the part number for the lower oven element but without a valid Model number, cannot even begin to look. Called Sears and spent a long time waiting while a customer service rep searched for the Model number. After failing to find it, gave me a phone number for Kenmore which was for Kenmore water service only-so was useless. Also emailed the parts department and never received a response. Please help me find a valid Model number. My serial number is 10832128LV if that helps.


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  1. Hi jmddad, I am sorry you have been given a less than direct answer to you question. Please allow me to help you out with this problem. You provided the item number 2298003 and after I converted it to a model number which is 665.98003, which is a base model number and I got a parts break down for a double oven range.

    Here is the link for the parts break down.

    .. and here is a owners manual for you to check if this is close to your model. .

    If you follow this link you will see the element I believe you will need.,%20optional%20parts%20(not%20included)&brandDesc=KENMORE%20ELITE&modelDesc=FREE% 20STANDING%20ELECTRIC%20RANGE&blt=11&shdMod=&keyId=4

    I hope this information will help you out and thank you for contacting Sears.

  2. Hi there, jmddad! Thanks for reaching out on MySears today! The Appliance Expert can help you with that model number. He will be by in a bit with a response. As soon as he posts, I will let you know via email.


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