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  1. The model number can on be determined, by getting it off of the refrigerator. There will be a tag with the model and serial number on it. This tag will usually be located on the inner panel on the right side. It can be up toward the top or down behind the crispers. On some models it can also be in the freezer section. I hope this will help you.

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    What is your ZIP code?

    In order for your mail to be processed and delivered, that's a pretty necessary number to know.

    The long model number of your machine is another pesky number that allows parts to be ordered, a free owner's manual to be looked up on another site.

    If there is a service call needed, I seem to remember the machine's serial number is also needed.

    You should be looking for some form of data plate or label on your machine.

    It may be on the inside of your refrigerator's door.

    Yup. Inside, upper-right on our Kenmore Cold Spot fridge.

    Good luck.

  2. Welcome, Irate_consumer! You can usually find the model number on the inside of the door or on the right hand panel of your fridge when you open the door.

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