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  1. Hi Mimiruthann! has a cool feature that allows you to search by "top rated". Copy and paste this link to your browser to see the "top rated" dishwashers on

  2. The Kenmore model 13973 is one of the highly recommended current models. Here is a link for that dishwasher:

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      Seriously? You are going to recommend a manual clean filter with a top of edge motherboard? For $1,000.00?

      Poster, do not buy a dishwasher with a manual clean filter, that means you have to clean out all the rotten stinky stuff yourself. Also the top edge motherboards fail because that is where all the steam and heat migrates to. Normally the motherboard is backordered for weeks.

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      Hello ServiceLocally. I want to point out that the filter in that dishwasher normally needs to be cleaned about once a month. It is easy to remove and clean. I am not aware of a problem with frequent failures of the electronic control board in the model that I recommended.

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      The filters in triple filtration dishwashers are not the old style filters that must be cleaned every load. These require a light rinse every few months under normal circumstances. Bosch has been using this design for a long time. Regarding steam, the steam vent is not located near the controls on this model. Steam goes out near the bottom of the door. The electronics are not in danger, as they used to be in the older vent-at-the-top design (which many American-style dishwashers still employ). By the way, any food particles on the filter after a month or more of washing won't smell, because it will have been completely sanitized with the repeated bleaching and heating.