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  1. Most interlock switches are installed my the manufacturer to protect themselves against lawsuits. Bypassing a defective interlock will not harm the mower, you just have to use normal caution when operating it.

    Too many people believe that they should be protected from themselves, meaning that the threat of lawsuits cause the companies to put so called safety (also known as irritating) features on the products

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    Defeating a safety switch is taking a manufacturer's concern for its user safety and basically saying, "I'll handle this on my own".

    Most of the time, the switches are there because of a concern for safety or past "issues" with whatever the inter-lock switch is protecting the operator from.

    The tractors have a switch that prevents the owner/ user of the machine from mowing in reverse.

    Who would mow in reverse?

    Apparently SOME FOLKS attempt it.

  2. The most common use of the interlock switch is not letting the mower start if the brake is not engaged. There is also an operator presence switch that will not let the unit start if no one is sitting on the seat. If the switch is broken or if not activated then the tractor will not start.

  3. Hi bethb714! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for posting this interesting question. I am going to send this one on to the Lawn and Garden experts. They will have some insight on that interlock switch. Check back in a bit for a reply!

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