What is the return policy for the craftsman wet/dry vac? does the vac fall under the consumer electronic category or tools?

I bought a craftsman wet/dry vac in store yesterday and later found an identical item from at lower price. I placed the order online and return the one purchased in-store today. The return process was very surprising to me and kind off unpleasant, even the item was not open, the Sears rep cut it open to verify if its been used. She told me that if its used then there is a restocking fee even though if I am not happy with the item. This came as a surprise and make me rethink of the vac I placed online (what happen if I tried it out and don’t like it? and stuck with a restocking fee if return). I asked the sears rep for the store return policy so I get an clear answer. She told she doesn’t have it and have me go online for that. I spoke with the tools dept mgr and she also told me to go online to review the return policy. I felt that I am getting the run around buy both rep. I feel very uncomfortable buying anything from Sears if I don’t know the return policy. After reading the policy online, it seems that there’s no restocking fee on the vac. Base on the policy online, if I used the vac and not satisfy with it, I should be able to return and get full refund within 60 days providing that I have the receipt, all packaging, and box. There should not be any restocking fee if I used and not satisfy with it. Please confirm if this is correct for my scenario, since I just picked up the one I purchased online. I will return it if there’s restocking fee even if I used and not satisfy with the item. Thanks for your help


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  1. Hi redparrots! Thanks for posting your question today! You may want to give your local store a call and ask to speak to the manager. The shop vac is considered a "power tool" and could possibly be eligible for exchange only, after opened and used.

    Let us know what the manager says and if you keep the shop vac.


    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Thanks for the reply. I did spoke to the tools dept manager regarding the return. I basically want a clear answer from the return policy regarding restocking fee on my item, but the mgr doesn't seem to know much about that and refer me to sears website for return policy details. I pressed a bit on this topic and the mgr told me that "if the item has restocking fee, it will be printed on the receipt". I opted to use the ereceipt and didn't have the physical receipt with me to confirm that statement. I checked the ereceipt at home and basically it points to the sears return policy, which after reading it, I thought that there's a 60 days customer satisfaction guarantee and no restocking fee, hence I post the question here.
      I was able to return the item since I didn't even open the box yet. Actually the box was cut open by the Sears rep to verify if it was used. I just surprise to learn about the restocking fee doing the return process and not the purchase process. May be that's why it was unpleasant and no one able to point me to the store policy either which add to the frustration.

  2. If it is new in the box there is no restocking fee. If the item has been opened and used there is a restocking fee. With the exception of damaged merchandise. Same with electronics, appliances, jewelry.

    1. In response to filmdork

      Thanks for the reply. So the wet/dry vac is being considered as consumer electronic and for that there's no customer satisfaction guarantee? It is critical that the sale rep communicates that during purchase. In my case, I found it out in the return process. Luckily I didn't use it yet, so there's no problem from my end beside a very unpleasant return experience.
      Well, I will definitely return the one I purchased on online since I didn't even open the box yet and buy it from other place where customer satisfaction is honored. I'm just like any other consumer, just want to be on the safe side when it comes to any type of purchase. Its good to know how Sears stand and know where not to shop from now on.

    2. In response to filmdork

      Sorry it was confusing. Electronics, jewelry, appliances, lawn and garden, tools (which the shop vac would be under) items must be returned in box/tags attached unused for a full refund except in the case of a damaged item. This policy is in place because over the years some people have used items for a one time task they need or to wear jewelry for a special occasion then return it. Essentially using Sears as a way to rent something for free.

    3. In response to filmdork

      Basically, this is Sears business decision to categorize all customer whom return merchandise as the "one time user/renter" group. I don't know if this is a smart position to take but it's Sears rights. However, they need to clearly communicate this so that there's no surprises in the return process. I was not clear even after I read the return policy.

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