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  1. celebrating the birth of *****

  2. The amount of eating that happens in our house Christmas Day every year is pretty great. Lots of traditional foods from my husband's heritage that we all enjoy.

  3. The gathering of my family at our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of the seven fishes.

  4. I have the most awesome recipe for peanut brittle that my mother handled down to me--it makes the most tender brittle ever--all natural and nothing similar to it can be purchased. Smiles. My family and friends wait eagerly for their tin of brittle and it is my pleasure to bless them with my labor of love! Smiles.

  5. Singing the 12 days of Christmas with my family!

      • San Jose, CA

    I put an extra Craftsman tool ornament on the tree to symbolize good tool things to come in the next tool acquisition year.

    The good thing could be something new, like a Craftsman Lithium-Ion powered Drill/Driver or something old, like a vintage Craftsman ratchet found second hand, needing some work to get up and running again.

    I give thanks for all of my hand and powered Lawn & Garden tools, that have steadily aided my clearing of 1-1/2 acres of black-berry overgrown Property over the last... decade coming up - soon.

    Then the whole family sits down to open presents together.

    My wife helps out (big time) with the giving of non-tool-related gifts.

    Although, this year, I was placed in charge of the Stocking gifts.

    A tool present and a CSAT for EVERYONE at home and in the store's Home Improvement Department!

    Q: What can a cap wrench do, that a normal bottle opener can not do?

    A: Crack apart partially frozen bags of ice from the Super Market!

  6. Setting up the tree with the family and listening to Bing Crosby.

  7. My favorite Christmas Traditions is having the family Holiday meal on Christmas day! I love spending time with my family!!!!!! Cooking for my family is the best gift i can get!

  8. My favorite holiday tradition is going to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve with the rest of my family. This is the one day of the year that everyone makes sure to get together and spend time with one another. It brings a joy to my grandma to be able to host it every year.

  9. The night before christmas..... We all open our annual Christmas Eve gift of PJ's!... We get ready for Santa putting out cookies and milk! It's so comforting to have the family together!

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