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  1. My resolution for 2013 is to never shop at Sears Stores
    Del Amo Fashion CTR #0001278
    22100 Hawthorn BLVD
    Torrance, CA 90503
    I went to this location today to return a kid's jacket that I bought on December 24, 2012 at SEARS . The regular price was for $70.00 and I bought it on sale for $30.45.

    As soon as I walked into the SEARS store on January 05 At 8.00 pm .
    I went streight into 2 checkout desks .I stood there at each one for couple of minutes but no sales people around to help. So I finally spotted an open checkout desk. I explained the salesperson that I did not have my receipt but I had 3 more discount receipts that I was given when I bought it. I told her that I paid $30.45 for the jacket with my VISA CREDIT CARD.
    I handled my credit card and CA I.D. She said the "all SEARS computer system was down" And all she could give me is store credit. I told her she could verify my credit card payment. And that I wanted my money back on my credit card. But she refused.
    I asked to talk to the store manager.

    Once the manager came "ANTONIO" was very rude , disrespectful,and unethical. He explained to me that ALL SEARS had a problem with their system and that there was nothing he could about it. He said he could not even give me a store credit because the system would not allowed him to.
    I told him I did not want store credit because I would never come back to SEARS to shop and that I was VERY DISSAPOINTED AND UNSATIFIED SINCE I FIRST WALKED INTO THE SEARS STORE WITH NO SALES PEOPLE AROUND AVAILABLE TO HELP CUSTOMERS.

    I told ANTONIO I would file a compalaint with
    WEIGHTS AND MEASUREMENTS for not having their system fixed.


    The store manager ANTONIO embarrased me and my family in front of two other families that were there waiting to pay.
    Why would SEARS hire manager like ANTONIO that was unable to help the customers or give a solution to resolve their problems with their computer system was down.

  2. Lose 20 lbs and keep it off.

  3. Stop sleeping on the couch! This will also bring down our electric bill because I fall asleep watching TV...!

  4. Mine would be to be happy and do more on working out to get healhier.

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    Simple one is to get a new digitational camera that has a "working" flash that'll capture more dimly lit pictures than my present workhorse camera.

    Went to the closest sears and done FOUND a new Canon digitational camera on an 80 dollar off sale.

    Of course, before deciding on this specific camera, I made sure the store had it in stock, so that I could walk out the door, after having paid for it, a new memory card and a two years replacement agreement on it.

    The battery is charged and I've taken 16 pictures with it, so far.

    Works good.

    The first camera is now my "back-up" camera.

    One resolution "down".

    All I need to do now is to clean up the workshop.


  5. Clean up my office and try to keep it in order

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      Yaa... They kept telling me to keep my desk top more clean, in a workshop environment.

      A clean workbench is a SURE SIGN of no work being done.

  6. To be more like *****, and to have a healthy year for all of my family.

  7. I don't make specific resolutions anymore because I feel I'm just setting myself up for failure and dissappointment. I just try to do the right things all year long.

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      That's why there are BIG resolutions that take a lot of time and effort and smaller more-focused resolutions that are easily accomplished.

      Good luck with your new year's resolution.

  8. To find a full-time job. I'm tired of getting laid off because businesses don't know how to manage their money! I'm a hard-working, caring person who gives her all to whatever job I'm given, but all the jobs around here go to the college students - part-time, minimum wage. SO frustrating!

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      Don't go Graphic Design. Would you.. believe a college student, living with her parents, supplying 30 hours a week of labor to a company that is around 20 miles away from her home, for FREE?

      This was my wake-up call.

      Of course, don't forget to mention, "With cheap labor (here or overseas) comes the mistakes, costly errors and lack of experience that the temporary workers bring with them.

  9. To get my financial house in order and also to volunteer at my high school where my son went to school to find better ways to keep violence out of high schools.

  10. To get organized so I can enjoy my hobbies. Many hidden traps that need attention.

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      A GOOD start is to get the steel tools off of the workshop floors.

      I've lost some good tools to floor rust.

      My Achille's heel is apparently Framing Squares...

      The solution being either hang them up or buy new "aluminum" Framing Squares.

      Some of the aluminum ones come in red or blue finishes.

  11. To find happiness

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      Good Luck.. I hope you find it.
      One way to avoid unhappiness, in my opinion, is "avoid Sears".

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      Happiness, for me, is a clean-cutting/ sharp woodworking tool!

      Or, a smoothly running Craftsman ratchet.

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      I like to buy sears/ Craftsman - Kenmore stuff they actually have "in-stock" at the STORE.

      Walked out, last night, with a brand new sears sold Canon camera in my hands, with no hassles.

      If this board allowed posting of pictures, I could show one of my 16 new digitational pictures that I done took with the camera.

  12. To continue to eat healthy, exercise, pray, stress less, and meditate to live a heathier life and maintain the 212 lb weight loss that I have experienced!

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      Good for you.
      Hope you can "Keep It Off".

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      Ok. You sure beat me. I've lost over 10 pounds and am already in some new clothes.

  13. Practice portion control in my meals! I say that every year, though!

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    My resolution is to keep cleaning my workshop, so that I can use the tools I have more easily and to have MORE room for MORE tools.

  14. Make Love to as many women as I can!

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      Just wish I was younger!

  15. To keep on shopping with sears even though I ordered something on the 15th promised on the 24th and pick up yet to be done.

  16. To reward companies that treat me with respect by giving them my business, and to not spend one thin dime with companies that treat their customers poorly, or who unilaterally try to change warranty terms.

    I also will not spend any money with a company that has a message board set up, but removes any and all comments that do not reflect positively upon that company

  17. To have as little to do with Sears as possible.
    Advise as many friends, relatives and acquaintances as possible of the questionable trading practices employed by Sears

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      Aug - get a life. I'll give a peice of mine! But you have to take ths good and the bad! I have parkinson's D. for 22 years. Try that on for size!
      The person in the store I went to even wrapped my gifts for me! how that for service above and beyond!

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      To BrooksJones:
      I have a life and I am grateful for what I do have.
      I sympathize for the medical condition that has afflicted you for 22 years and I am pleased that at least one Sears Associate appears to have gone 'above and beyond' to partially assist you with your special needs. I do not doubt that there are many others.
      What I find repugnant are the practices put in place by upper management to deprive normal citizens of their basic rights.
      I hope you enjoy the rest of the Season and I wish you well for the coming year.
      Good Luck.