What kind of training does customer service receive?

I had items in my shopping cart at, but was not seeing the sale prices listed in the item webpages. I started a chat, was given a wrong phone number to call, and hung up on. An hour later I tried shopping again and found all the sale prices were replaced by higher ones.
Here is the chat:
Please wait for a Sears Customer Service Representative to respond. This chat

may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes. Thank you for


Hi, my name is Jazlyn G, and it is my pleasure to assist you today. May I

have your name?

Mit: I already put in my name and email.

Jazlyn G: Good Morning! Thank you for choosing Sears Blue Crew. Nice to meet

you Mit, how may I assist you today?

Mit: Good morning. I’m a Craftsman Club member and I’m logged in, but my

shopping cart doesn’t reflect the Craftsman Club pricing at I have

spoken to a friend who is also a member, and he can’t get the Club pricing

either. Is Sears going to fix this anytime soon?

Jazlyn G: I apologize that you are having trouble receiving your Craftsman

Club discount. I will be happy to enter a request to have it looked at. You

can contact our Craftsman Club team at 800-377-74114 and we will be able to

discount you the difference.

Mit: Will they get me the free shipping through SYW Max that the chat reps

are always mentioning to me?

Mit: Or will I be charged shipping for placing the order by phone?

Thank you for chatting with us.


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      • San Jose, CA

    As a Sears employee, they probably receive their training through standardized Computer-Based-Training.

    My understanding is that in order to see the Craftsman Club prices reflected in one's online "cart", your User ID has to have a Craftsman Club membership number associated with it - as entered by you.

    I try to do most of my shopping AT a store, where my membership number can be looked up using my telephone number and, if they've got the item, there is no shipping charge or "wait" to get the item.

    1. Do CBT's teach them to hand out weird phone numbers (Music Business Registry?) and end a chat without warning?

      I've already received Craftsman Club pricing during a previous online "Club Saver" sale, so I know my account is properly set up.

      Before my local Sears was shutdown, I laid down a lot of cash whenever browsing the tool dept. Now, I save a lot of money because of all the online problems I encounter that keep me from completing my transactions.

        • San Jose, CA

      I am not aware of what kind of training the mid to higher level managers receive from sears. I DO KNOW that they go to a LOT of meetings.

      The hanging up part was probably the telephone equipment erroneously disrupting your call or a failed attempt to transfer you to another employee with more "get'r done" authorization.

      The telephone numbers, like the URL's and the sale prices seem to change without much notice.

      And, the online problems are an excellent indication for management to keep them STORES open at all of there locations for consistent selling and handling of Internet Order SNAFUS.

  1. Dear Mit_1,

    Hi, my name is Dee M with the Sears Cares Team. I am sorry to hear you had difficulties with receiving the correct information you needed. That along with being hung up on, would frustrate anybody. We'd like to offer our assistance in making sure your concerns are addressed and you are satified with the outcome. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Mit_1), phone # used at time of purchase to

    Thank you,

    Dee M.
    MySears Community Moderator

    1. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      Thank you for the reply. Seeing as all the prices were raised after I complained to Customer Support, I'm guessing someone responsible for the website has been screwing up. As for the chat session being cut off after giving me a false phone number, all the details are right there in the chat I pasted above.

  2. Hi Mit_1! Thanks for visiting MySears today and sharing your experience. I am so sorry to hear you had trouble communicating with the chat representatives, along with having a hard time getting the sales prices on your purchases. Please check back on this thread soon for a reply from a SearsCares team member. They would like to discuss these issues to get them resolved and make sure you receive the advertised discount on any purchase you would like to make. Thanks!

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