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  1. Is this a walk-behind mower or a riding mower? In either case, if you use fuel stabilizer in your gas can regularly, you should be able to leave the gas in the tank. Otherwise, as Jerry says, run it dry to avoid the gas destabilizing and absorbing water. Clean the deck before putting it away, so when spring rolls around you can get right to mowing. Also, check the blade and either sharpen or change (again, so you don't have to bother with it in the spring). Check the spark plug and, if it's fouling, replace it (or clean it, if you have the appropriate equipment). Make sure you have a spare air filter for next season (keep them near the mower so you're more likely to remember to put it in), and it doesn't hurt to change the oil now instead of in the spring. Cleaning off the outside of the engine is also a good idea, as it helps heat escape more effectively and keeps it looking nice. There are engine degreasing products if your engine is heavily coated, or a simple spray with the jet stream from a hose nozzle will take care of light grime. Make sure the air intake is covered and the oil and gas spouts are capped before spraying anything on the engine. You may also want to spray a little WD-40 into the end of the spark wire (or spray some on a cotton swab and dab it in) and leave it off the spark plug to dry. This will help prevent the terminal from rusting.

  2. Hello Teener, I would like to answer your question for you. I do not know the model of mower that you have, but there are some general items to look at. You will want to wash the overall mower off and then spray a light coating of lubricant to exposed metal and moving parts. I personally do not leave any fuel in my mower, I let it run out during my last mowing, or drain what I can and then let it run until it runs completely out. After running out the fuel, it is a good time to change the oil. Be sure to check your air filter and replace if necessary. Another item that is commonly overlooked is the battery. Be sure to charge it and check it periodically while in storage. There may be more specifics about your particular model that may be required. Refer to your owner's manual.

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  3. Hi Teener! This is a great question! I know one of the Lawn and Garden Experts can answer this for you. Check back in a bit for a reply.

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