What’s the best detergent to use in Kenmore elite dishwashers? Liquid? Powder? I’ve heard the packets can cause problems.


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  1. Pre-measured detergents are widely viewed as the best option, especially dry versions, such as Finish Powerball tablets or Finish Quantum paks. These also have rinse-aid in them, so there's no need for a separate rinse-aid. And, they have been shown to clean very well. They help prevent using too much detergent, which is better for the machine and for the dishes. Unless the dishwasher is malfunctioning, these products will work very well in your dishwasher.

  2. Hello mikenlou. I am not aware of widespread problems that are encountered when using the packets. There are some situations where they can cause some minor problems. The Kenmore Elite dishwashers normally work best when powdered detergent is used. The manufacturers usually design and test the dishwashers using powdered detergent as the primary method of cleaning agent delivery. Rinse aid is also important. I personally use powdered detergent. I have a water softener and don't need to add too much detergent to clean the dishes properly. Keep in mind that water temperature (around 110 to 120 degrees if possible) is important.

  3. Hi mikenlou! We have a somewhat newer Whirlpool dishwasher (about 4 or so years old), and we do use the packets. Our dishes come out super clean, and it has not had any negative effect on the dishwasher. We actually had a repair tech out last year for something and he said the packets work best for many of the more recent models. I'll send this inquiry on to the Appliance Experts to see what they think, as well!