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      • San Jose, CA

    If you like riding while mowing, the ride-on mowers go;

    Lawn Tractor

    Yard Tractor

    Garden Tractor

    with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions

      • San Jose, CA

    That was a Sears computer-based-training question and the topic of a lecture during an annual Power Rama Lawn & Garden tools seminar.

    Good - grey.
    Better - red.
    BEST - black.

    A Craftsman black-colored mower would be the "best" lawnmower, in the Sears Power Lawn & Garden line of tools.

  1. Hi TestManiac,

    Thank you for posting a great question in the MySears Community!

    When choosing the right lawn mower, you would have to consider what suits your own personal needs. This can often depend on the model, features as well as price.

    Lawn mowers come in several different model types: reel, rotary, gas-powered, electric-powered and battery-powered. Tractor-style mowers can range from models that simply cut grass to those with all the “bells and whistles.”

    It can also depend of the size of yard, type of terrain(hilly or flat), open or full of obstacles(trees, shrubs), among other things that will influence your choice.

    We have a great mower selection tool that can walk you through a couple of qualifying questions that will help narrow down the choices to a few best options based on your preference/type of yard at your home.

    Keep us posted on how this works for you and if you have any other questions ;)

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