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  1. It would all depend on the item. Some items will specifically say it can only be returned via mail. Others can be returned to a sears store. If it is part of the marketplace (third party vendor) it cannot be returned to a sears store and must be done through the mail. We have even had items we have ordered from the store from sears and they could not be returned to a sears store. Also, the type of item it is will effect the return policy. 30 days for jewelry, gas powered equipment, air conditioners, office equipment, dvds/video games, electronics. 60 days for tools/paint/hardware items, lawn and garden items, appliances. 90 days for clothing and home fashions items. Mattresses must be in the home for 30 days before a return can be processed, but must be done withing the next 30 days (60 total).

    What item were you looking to purchase?

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