When are the accessories for the Bolt On Drill going to be available?

As of right now only two of the accessories are available to ship and some are posing as no longer available. I bought this drill with plans of getting the parts to go with it but if they are no longer being sold/made I need to know ASAP.


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  1. My apologies for the delay. We will see product flowing in Feb but wont be 100% back in stock until March 2013

      • San Jose, CA

    Did you get the fitted bag accessory that the Bolt-On Drill/Driver and all of the existing accessories fit in, yet?

    It's $29.99 MSR and will keep everything together and organized in one convenient place as the accessories get shipped out to stores in your area.

    The new product has JUST been launched and it would be way too soon to stop making anything.

    They're probably being made in a factory, that will transfer them to a "boat", that has to take a little "journey", before they can be distributed by truck to all of the various warehouses around the US, that supply replenishment shipments to the 800 plus sears stores around the country.

    There is also the handy "trick" of doing look ups of individual store inventories in your area, by selecting Store Pickup and typing in your local ZIP code. The system will start with the closest store and can do searches of store inventory as far as 300 miles away from your supplied ZIP code.

    I've just gone to Lithium-Ion battery technology on my C3 tools. The Bolt-On tools STARTS with Lithium-Ion battery power.

    1. Do you think Zoltar is an idiot? The way you responded to that person was very condescending, esp. when you say the them (parts) take a little boat ride and then they (parts) get distributed by trucks. All Zoltar wanted to know if the tools he was interested in were still being made or not. You turn it into a patronizing geography lesson. I work with junior high kids and I would never talk down to them like you just did to this person with a legitimate question. I guess you're just so much smarter than the rest of us, but you owe him an apology!

  2. Hi Zoltar! BlueCrew is correct! It is such a popular new tool! I am going to do a little digging to see if I can find a date as to when those accessories will be available. Check back soon for an answer!

  3. Actually, it's the exact opposite. They've proven to be so popular that the first batch of them has completely sold out. There will be more, I'd guess in mid-late January. My store sold out of pretty much everything Bolt-On related within about 30-40 days of its release. It's been amazingly successful since its launch. Rest assured, there WILL be more accessories available.

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