When do children in your area start back to school?

Children in my area have one week of summer break left! How soon do your children go back? Are you ready for Back to School? Lots of excitement in the air for fall sports starting back and families getting back into a routine. Is your family ready?


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  1. Hi Laurel!

    My niece starts back to school on the 3rd of September here is Coos County Or. I do not think she is quite ready for school yet as far as clothes and supplies but know that it is in the works!

    Most of my family members are not looking forward to starting school yet for they feel that summer was not long enough. Of course most of them are Intermediate and High School outside of Oregon, go figure ... LOL

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Wow, that's a bit later than the students in my area! Lucky girl, she has a few extra days of summer left!! :) Feels like many families are already back in 'school mode' here in my area, getting back into a routine and thinking about fall sports. I quite like this time of year!

    2. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Fall sports are always great fun to watch except I will not have any nieces or nephews to watch this year LOL

      I have talked to many parents this past year and the only downfall is the fee's that are having to be paid to play. I am quite shocked in how much it has raised in the past 5 years. YIKES!

      Thankfully they have been making it work for we all want our kids to play a sport that they enjoy! ;-)

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