When I asked a question on here 1 1/2 wks ago about pictures, I was told they would be sent out with in the week. Then I called the Sears hotline and they told me Last Friday. When I went to Sears they said no one knows what they are talking about. Do you have any new updates for me??? My pictures are now 16 days late!


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    Apparently, according to an Internet article I read, CPI imploded all around the US,in Sears, Kmart, Walmart and Babies R Us stores, almost overnight.

    Thousands of CPI employees no longer had jobs and the centralized picture processing facilities, that were already working past capacity, have not been able to deal with the closing surge of photo processing.

    Sears contracted out the Portrait Studio work and the Stores suddenly taking over the CPI Studio work is going to be "challenging" for everyone involved.

    The only place CPI is still open is in Canada.

    There is a small consolation prize. Seven of nine Board of Directors were ousted, when a key loan the company had out defaulted.

    Hopefully, another vendor will be found to do Sears Portraits in the future.

    We had a family photo done at a local Sears, once.

    Brought in the Basset hound and everything! Lost our cleaning deposit on the "first" photo-flash in the Portrait Studio. Poor dog. Excellent family portrait.

    One of the weaknesses of centralized facilities is that when down, EVERYTHING is down.

    They rebuild the Craftsman ratchets in individual stores, which tends to work more better for most customers.

    Good luck with your pictures.

  1. Hi badkit17! I am so sorry that you have not received your pictures. Please continue checking in with the manager at your local store where you originally sat for the pictures for your order status. Thanks!

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      I took pictures 3/14/2013 in lake wales, FL i was told i probably will never get them how can i get a refund?

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      Hi there, cruz.daisy87! We are so sorry that CPI is no longer operating in the U.S. Please visit the Lake Wales store to see about a refund. Thanks!

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      This is the major RED FLAG for me. The Rep says just keep checking in with the manager... and when someone says they don't think they'll get their photos, they are told to see the local store about getting a refund.

      What are the flags?

      - there is no suggestion that a refund is guaranteed
      - there is not even the slightest suggestion that the customer should wait a little longer as the photos are "on the way"

      I appreciate that this is rough for Sears. I don't appreciate how a company waited until right after a picture driving holiday to close the doors. I don't like the fact that clearly Sears employees haven't been given any sort of protocol to help the customers. Which is terribly unfair to the Sears workers as they'll take the brunt of rightful poor customer attitudes.

      Based on what I've experienced with my own family's photos, and what I have read online and here (mainly the staff messenger), at best Sears doesn't have a clue what is going on. Sears has lost yet another customer for life with this. I can understand initial confusion, but it has been several weeks now. We are venturing into fraud territory now.