When is the next friends and family sales event? I need new appliances.

Need appliances


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  1. What kind of appliances are you looking to purchase, Rfg83? Sounds like BluCrew Guy has a great suggestion below if you can't wait for the next Friends and Family event!

  2. Hi Rfg83!

    Great question for it is coming soon! The next Friends and Family Event is August 11th!

    What type of appliances are you looking for?

  3. Have you seen the current 4th of July sale? There are a lot of GREAT savings to be had. Top-of-the-line Kenmore Elite HE top-load washing machine 31523 for $749 (almost half off), for example. You can probably get deals as good as, if not better than, what you'd get on a Family & Friends night. Do give it a look. I think you'll find that it's far better than you might have realized, and waiting probably won't be worthwhile versus today's offer.