When Sears and Shop Your Way disagree with each other, which one is correct?

I’ve run into numerous situations where the Sears/Kmart customer service says one thing, but the Shop Your Way customer service says something different. Who is the higher authority? Example: Sears/Kmart says a bonus point coupon is valid for a purchase and the customer makes the purchase, but later SYW claims the purchase was not valid for the coupon.


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  1. Hey, Mit_1! If you have any discrepencies with a Shop Your Way coupon, please contact the Shop Your Way folks. You can also always reach out to your case manager from SearsCares if you ever need help with a specific issue. Thanks!

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      Did you even bother to think about my question? If SYW tells someone they will NOT honor a coupon, why would the customer call SYW again? If Sears/Kmart says the coupon is good, how do you convince SYW that they need to honor the coupon? Plenty of similar complaints on and their Facebook page. Though, complaints on Facebook don't seem to last long before they mysteriously disappear.

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      We are sorry for the trouble that this issue may have caused Mit_1.

      In checking further in regards to the question you had asked, it has been recommended to check with the SYWR Member Care Center before using these coupons on any new purchases.

      Hope this helps and we thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

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      That link you provided just takes me to the front page of No sign of a "SYWR Member Care Center" anywhere. Not that it matters, because they believe that Sears & Kmart make the mistakes with the offers. They'll just tell me to contact you, and the circle continues. Hence, my original question which you all keep dodging.

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      Hi Mit_1,

      Sorry about that! On the SYWR homepage, you can click on "contact us" and it will provide the information you need.

      Here is the direct link for contacting a representative.

      As for whom you should talk to about SYWR offers? As mentioned in previous post, it has been recommended for you to speak with a representative on use of SYWR coupons.

      Thank you!

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      So anytime Sears promotes a rewards program offer in the store or on their website, the customer has to call a SYWR rep before making the purchase? Wow, I've never encountered such a rewards program. And how come neither Sears or SYW mentions your instructions on their websites? It doesn't even mention on the coupons that you have to call SYW before using a coupon.

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      Hi Mit_1,

      May I ask what response was provide by the rep when Sears/Kmart says the coupon is good?

      Thank you!

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      The products and offers have varied over time. You can read complaints here on mysearscommunity, the "Answers" section on, or other shopping forums on the web. SYW's Facebook page used to have a lot of complaints, but it seems to get "cleaned" pretty fast these days.

      One example I had was that Sears was promoting an offer for items that did not qualify. Sears, of course, disagreed with SYW's assessment.

      Another example I had for Kmart was that they were promoting an offer that had expired. Kmart, of course, disagreed with SYW's assessment.

      In each case, I had to jump between contacting SYW customer service and Sears/Kmart customer service. It takes a considerable amount of time to get an issue resolved in this manner. I posted my original question in hopes of reducing the amount of back-and-forth calls I have to place to resolve an issue.

      For the sake of all your customers, is there a higher authority at Sears Holdings that can step in to mediate between Sears/Kmart and ShopYourWay?