When the word associate or moderator appears under your picture doesn’t that mean you work for Sears? And if it does then why would a certain associate deny having anything to do with the company?


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      • San Jose, CA

    The boxed ornaments would be the "collection" part of the little pieces of tool art.

    Some of the duplicate ornaments are also displayed on our little, lit, GE Tool Tree.

    A Tool Tree differs from a Xmas tree in that a Tool Tree stays up "year round" to promote the good feeling the right size, quality, tool provides its user and of how we ALL are expected to take good care of the tools we have stewardship of.

    The other good stuff to find is the Craftsman Anniversary stuff.

    For some reason, there were no 85th Anniversary tools or promotional material used this year...

      • San Jose, CA

    Check out model numbers 71_22866 and 71_10827. I believe they are Internet orderable items. Just $9.99 each.

  1. Kevin-Pace - Pleased to see that you are still 'about' but do not think I have seen another post by yourself, or perhaps you have only posted on 'subjects' in which I have little or no interest. Regards

      • San Jose, CA

    I recently came across a MUSA Craftsman corded power tool, that was made by USA Ryobi.

    It needs some work, before it will be able to DO work itself.

    I believe the trigger switch mechanism went kaput.

    While Sears Parts no longer supports replacement of the switch, I have some other sources of parts.

    The repair is going to cost right around... 25 dollars to get the corded and keyed portable electric drill back up and running.

    However, it's a MUSA Craftsman power tool.


    It is worth the repair effort.

    They've got one old corded power drill ornament, made of resin, back from the mid-90's, being rode by an elf, if anyone is interested.

    I done got it off of the e of Bay.

      • San Jose, CA

    You can only buy the Craftsman tool ornament seasonally. So. If you are interested in a miniature Craftsman tool ornament to hang or to stay "more collectible" in its little decorative box, NOW'S the time to be talking ornaments.

    Before you know, the most popular ornaments will start to become "missing" from the store shelf collections.

    Then the ornaments will go on sale, further reducing one's choice of ornament.

    Tools tend to become worn with use and eventually they just lose a LOT of their pretty/shiny appeal.

    The miniature tool "ornaments" don't really face these extremes of use or rust (pot metal or resin).

    The metal one's often make excellent bolo's for wearing year-round.

    I've seen the ornaments on the site.

    So. You could always TRY ordering one or two.

    Couldn't hurt.

    Maybe receiving one might help cheer you up?

    If not a tool ornament, what kind of Craftsman tool would you like to see this year?

    Do you like Craftsman ratchets?

    1. I could care less about the craftsman tool ornaments, I asked you if you received a commission for always pushing these items. Can you answer a question without going on about your x-mas ornaments? I think someone could ask you about the weather and you'd answer it with a tool ornament could fix the weather. This post started out asking if you had a certain title does that mean you work for Sears? Not one mention about Christmas or ornaments or craftsman tools! Why don't you answer the other posts with a decent answer and do some good for a change. It's not even Halloween yet so stop pushing Sears overbought product.

        • San Jose, CA

      Thank you for reminding me to get a Craftsman "chain saw" tool ornament.

      The Craftsman brandname is part of the ornament this year, instead of having a paper CRAFTSMAN sticker glued to it.

      The Sears Craftsman ornaments sell-out each and every year.

      The reason I mention them often is that they are SO SMALL and easy to forget, until the selection quickly dwindles and there are just a few choices of Craftsman tool ornaments to select from.

      There's a new resin Craftsman mallet (mn. 10827) that has not be offered in previous years.

      It's only about 3 inches wide. But, it reminds me of the "good times" I've had with its Craftsman big brother or the Vaughan step father, just a swing'n away at some of the delicate finish - but stubborn stuff.

      The real world, similar sized, mallet/hammer would be one of the See's Candy's peanut brittle miniature hammers.

      I'm gonna be turning one of those See's little hammers into a bolo, in the future.

      Mmm... I don't receive a commission on anything Craftsman.

      For a while there, the e of Bay was receiving payments from "me", though.

      There's a LOT of good Craftsman MUSA stuff still on the e of Bay...

        • San Jose, CA

      Maybe, there should be a "nay-sayer" badge for those posters who have a negative spin on a majority of their posts?

      If the positive posting folks have their own badges, then it is only "fair" that the negative post folks receive a warning badge for neophytes entering this board to be aware of...

      It's not so much of an ornament or piece of jewelry as it is a WARNING to open-minded readers of who they're accepting input from.

  2. Do you get a commission on these tool ornaments? It seems no matter what the problem is your answer is buy a craftsman tool x-mas ornament and everything is perfect again. Gee, I can't buy any of your ornaments Sears in all their wisdom shut-down one of the last stores here in S.E. Alaska. When I try to order through the catalog that's another nightmare! Half the time they won't ship to Alaska. I know your so-called team says they do but I have my doubts on their information resources, esp. your's. What's with the bad grammar on the remark about the snow? You can stay in California with all MUSA made x-mas ornaments. The rest of us have real jobs that require decent equipment not ornaments and if you believe MUSA is a guarantee I have a desert in Alaska to sell you, I'll even throw in some ornaments. I don't think you are cut out for counseling. So stick to your one line answers and leave the real work for the rest of us to do.

      • San Jose, CA

    The purchase of a Craftsman tool ornament will not solve "everything".

    But, if you long for the days of American made tools, buy a Craftsman metal ornament and BAM, you got a Craftsman tool ornament that IS a MUSA item.

    If things are getting all messed up and things to be falling all around you, buy a Craftsman tool ornament metal safety helmet.

    Sometimes, getting out of life's little snarls requires a SAW to work your way out of your mess. In comes the Craftsman metal ornament "hacksaw".

    And, then, there are the resin Craftsman tool ornaments, too.

    Finally, after having bought all of these tool ornaments, you can store them in one of THREE available Craftsman Holiday Stockings sears has to offer, at selected stores!

    They're ALL good stuff... for one's Tool Tree (displayed year round).

  3. Cool. Who knew? I'm over in Belvidere.

      • San Jose, CA

    We're out here in California, where green things grow "year-round".

    A snow blower on display in a California store is "interesting".

    However, a Craftsman high-wheel trimmer should be a mandatory displayed item, year round.

    Don't got "snow". But, there sure is a definite FIRE season.

  4. Upper Highlands mainly but Brackney is home.

  5. Ah, so THAT'S why I could never find "Galloway" anywhere! :) Crafty, sir! Do you actually live in MA? I saw you said that Brackney is your true home.

  6. "The town is Galloway." Kerouac book 1, chapter 1, line 1. Probably the shortest sentence he ever wrote.

  7. I'm still around too.

  8. Hey, you're in Lowell now?

      • San Jose, CA

    I'm a customer now, along with being a former employee.

    I spend most my time over to the Craftsman Community website, that deals with "tool" questions.

    Before the Craftsman Community site, there was a Craftsman Club "Tool Talk" site, that lost all of its posts, when the site migrated over to the Craftsman Community site.

    The good news is that uploading pictures is supported MUCH better by the Craftsman Community site. And, most tool inquiries include request for pictures.

    As for promoting Craftsman tools, I'm a third generation Craftsman tool user, restorer and collector.

    My Grandfather was a Trades person.

    My Father was an Electrical Engineer.

    Tools sort of run through the family.

  9. He's being modest, I've seen his numbers and awards. He is what sears is about, the customer gets his best every time. And yes I am still with sears, starting my 15 th year.

  10. Unless something happened that I'm not aware of, yes. :)

  11. We are still working on getting the badges up and running properly, Alaskanbikelady! I am an employee of Sears and is Civsci, along with the many experts on the site. As time goes on, Associates will continue to be badged, respectively. Thanks for your patience as we work out the kinks on our new site!

  12. To BCGIMA - I know you used to be an employee of Sears but are you still? Regards

  13. Some employees here post as part of their employment, such as JulieK and some of the so called Sears Cares team. Other employees post as individuals (although they often come across as shills for Sears) and are not posting as a part, or requirement of their employment.

    When an associate (employee) posts as an individual (no matter how biased they are towards Sears) they are not acting as an agent of the company, which is why they would deny speaking for Sears

        • San Jose, CA

      In response to BigMike4511

      And, a "shill" means a well-wisher and information provider, without showing a bias against a company... right?

      What would a negatively biased poster be called?

      Not a shill.

      I'll think on the equivalent description and post it later.

  14. Without knowing the context of the alleged denial of affiliation with Sears, it's impossible for anybody to support or deny the claim. However, I think most everybody here would agree that Civsci has repeatedly stated his affiliation with Sears. As for JulieK, the same. And, AdamO has never made any bones about working for Sears.

  15. Alaskanbikelady - As far as I am aware both are employees of 'Sears' but I will let them answer for themselves. Again, as far as I am aware, AdamO is an employee, he used to be (over 2 years ago) a regular contributor to the 'old' site, perhaps he will also answer for himself.

  16. On this site. The associate is Civsci and the moderator is JulieK, both are on here alot with information about Sears. In the past I was led to believe that the associate worked for Sears by his answers to my questions. He would say "my company this" or "my company that" and come up with facts and figures like an employee would have. It's to bad I can't tell you where to go to see my past posting as they have somehow all been erased. I didn't want to mention his name since he already thinks I pick on him personally. I told him that was not true, it's your company that I'm picking on with good reason. Another one is AdamO with his x-mas tool ornament collection or whatever. I don't know who he is, but seems to have a connection with Civsci and JulieK except his post just has his name. He is on here alot it doesn't matter what your problem is he just wants you to buy a craftsman tool x-mas ornament and that will solve everything! I hope this helps.

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