• San Jose, CA

When will the new “corded” Bolt-On Drill/Driver tools be available for purchase in the stores?

A 0.8 volt different in battery voltage is not an immediate reason to invest in the Bolt-On battery powered tools, when the 19.2 volt C3 battery powered tools are already well established in the stores and my owning of a fair number of the C3 powered tools.

However, a corded Drill/Driver, with a good selection of accessory heads definitely peaks my interest in this new product.


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      • San Jose, CA

    I can hardly wait to try out the balance and heft of the new Craftsman corded Drill/Driver Bolt-On product.

    This may get some of those multi-purpose haads sold also!

    I believe either the battery or corded tool would fit in the custom fitted carrying/ accessory bag that is sold separately, in the stores.

  1. Hey Adam!

    We will do our best to answer this question and all of your others. Look for replies soon!