Where can I buy new remotes if my old ones don’t work. Where is the code located on the opener? I bought a new home and they left three different remotes-all say Craftsman.


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  1. Haileesgtandma: In order to provide any specific instructions, we need to know the model number of the Garage door opener where it's mounted on the ceiling. Different models require certain remote controls. In your case, I recommend copying the model number for the unit mounted to the ceiling and then take your remotes (all 3) to the nearest Sears store and they should be able to assist you matching the correct remotes to your garage door opener or sell you a new remote control. I hope this helpful.

  2. Hi Haileesgtandma,

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    Do you by chance have a model number to share? This may be helpful for our Sears Experts in providing troubleshooting tips.

    Please know that once a response from one of our Experts post, I will be reaching out via email to help in re-directing you back for further contact.

    Thank you!