Where can I find the contact information for Edward Lampert (CEO) of Sears to send him information about a bad delivery experience?

The first time I ordered a product from Sears, I had a great experience. Delivery came on time, I got a personal call the night before and the day of from the delivery service and after they installed my purchase they packed up all the garbage and towed it away. It was a worthwhile experience, but my 2nd experience is one that I will never forget and one that will cause me to never purchase from Sears again. (At least through their delivery services.)

I ordered a Washer and Dryer set on 1/4/14 at the Sears store and filled out all the information. I even paid to get my products delivered on 1/5/14 because your system said that both the machines were in. So waiting patiently, the night passes and the next day after waiting past my 2 hour delivery time, I have to call the delivery service to find out that they aren’t coming. I never received any phone calls or notices. They reschedule my delivery after being called (ONLY) to the next Saturday 1/11/14 and throughout the week I get these annoying text message updates keeping me informed that my delivery will arrive on 1/11/14. On 1/10/14 I get a call at night confirming the delivery time. So in the morning I am waiting patiently once again for a delivery that never comes. After waiting once again past the 2 hour estimated delivery window, I call them once again personally to find out that the delivery won’t happen because of a supposed “accident” that the delivery drivers were in. They never called to tell me this nor did they say they will bring it later. I am given a $50 gift card for my trouble after paying over $1,500 on a product that still hasn’t arrived as if that makes up for it. Then the person I spoke to says they will deliver it 1/12/14 ASAP for my troubles. Well after not receiving a call the night of 1/11/14, I call in the morning right before the 2 hour window they gave me and am told that delivery was never scheduled. I am now out 3 days that I could have worked, because I am being lied to by the delivery people about my products delivery. They give me only a $150 dollar gift card for my trouble and reschedule it for the next Thursday 1/16/14. Another day I am now going to have to miss from work from their mistakes. I again get notices, but then I get a message stating that one item won’t arrive until 1/18/14. I have to call the delivery service to complain about them not delivering my products as schedule nor letting me speak to a supervisor and the whole time they say “we understand your frustration”. NO THEY DON’T! I finally get to a supervisor after over 10 phone calls, and he says the item is in and he will get it delivered. Finally the item arrives on 1/16/14 but the universal vent does work so they can’t even install both the machines. The delivery guy also leaves without cleaning up after himself. I am thoroughly displeased with my whole experience. I have to go out to buy more items for my machines. My father has to finish installing them, and I am out more money than I paid for my machines because I had to miss over 4 days of work. I wanted compensation but the store could only give me a small handout because they didn’t want to “hurt” the status of the person I purchased the machines from in the first place and although I understand that. I want my machines for either free or half of what I paid for them back since I lost more than what I should have during this whole experience.

No one I know has ever had an experience like this before and no one can believe what little both Sears or the delivery service treated a customer when you supposedly pride yourself on customer service. I cried too many tears and I am fed up beyond belief.


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  1. I have had a similar experience with a refrigerator delivery. I cannot believe how rude the "customer service" people are. They do not respond or call you back. And the have the nerve to end their phone calls with "thanks for shopping at sears". Something I will never do again!!!

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      Hi there, megleal! Thanks for your post. SearsCares and I have responded on your original thread looking to help.

      Click here to see our replies.


  2. I haqve had a horrible experience with SEARS. I just want my money back. They can have the product. I dont have all the components so the product is useless. I want to foward my email to corporate so they can see the BS and runaround i got.

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      Hi there, dshelinterest! Welcome to MySears! I have passed your thoughts on to the SearsCares team. They will be by shortly to help you with a refund.

      I'll be sure to send you an email letting you know when they respond.


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      Hi dshelinterest,

      Thanks for posting about your recent experiences with member services. Not only were you not provided favorable member services, you didn’t receive a complete product delivery and we can understand your disappointment. My name is Brian and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I would like to take this time to offer our assistance. We would be happy to put you in contact with a case manager who will work with our online business partners concerning your order and refund as well as address any other concerns you may have. Please send your address, phone number used at the time of purchase with your screen name (dshelinterest) and a good contact phone number to Again, we appreciate the post about your refund request and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Brian R.
      MySears Community Moderator

  3. Hello Kayla-MyImpression!
    My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalations team. We thank you for posting about this matter regarding your washer and dryer. We can truly understand how overwhelming this issue has been for you. We would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to contact you and discuss your delivery concerns. At your earliest convenience, please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Kayla-MyImpression), phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to speaking with you soon.
    Thank you,
    Liz R.
    MySears Community Moderator

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      Just sent you a reply via email.

  4. Hi there, Kayla-MyImpression! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us today on MySears. I am truly sorry for all of the trouble you have had with your washer and dryer delivery. This sounds incredibly aggravating. I have passed your concerns on to the SearsCares team, who will be happy to discuss this further and do what they can to keep you as a customer.

    A team member will reach out in just a bit looking to help. Once a response is posted, I will let you know via an email which includes a link directing you back to this thread.
    Keep us posted!

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      Washer model # GHW9250VL1

      My Statement:
      On February 11, 2014 a Technician came to my home, Technician ID 0830281, he took a look at my washer and stated that in order to repair it he would have to order parts and schedule another day of service. I asked him how much it would be for the parts and service. He then called the office of sears and asked if the parts were under any warranty. The lady on the phone stated that the washer was under a ten year and therefore the washer would be repaired. The technician then said that the only part I had to cover was the door latch and Labor. I asked him to print out a receipt for me showing the parts ordered and the total amount I had to pay, which reflected $133.26.
      The appointment for repair was scheduled for Feb 21, 2014.

      On February 21,2014 I received a call from number 713 416 0978 technician ID 0000281 the person on the phone stated that he was scheduled to come to my house to fix my washer but that there was a problem. He asked if the parts were sent to my home. I answered yes I have 4 boxes. Then he asked me if I had warranty? I said according to the previous technician yes everything is covered except the latch. He stated oh no we have a problem...I should be there around 3pm.

      At 3pm he showed up (Tech ID 0000281) to my home. The first thing he said was that the previous tech made a huge mistake, "Since he is an old man he has been making mistakes". He also said that the parts were not covered under any warranty therefore I, the customer, had to pay $2,000+ for the parts and labor. I said, "Sr. do you not know that this is unfair with 2,000.00 I could buy 3 new washers?" He answered, "I know sorry this man is old and he is making all these mistakes Sears is unhappy with him". I said can you contact this man (the previous tech) he said "no he is on vacation". I asked, “ can you call your manager?” He said ok, he then called someone on the phone and put me on speaker. I asked the person on the phone if he could call the previous technician who came to my home so we could resolve the problem and he stated no because he was on another route. (I thought he was on vacation?????) After talking to the "manager" on the phone the technician asked me are you going to pay now for this parts and labor? I said NO that's unfair then he said “yea this washer is 12 years +" Then he asked to see the boxes sent to my home. I walked him outside to the side of my house where the parts were left since delivery. He stared to open the boxes and stated that two of the parts were damaged and that the only part that would be beneficial for him where the latch and the basket. I said wait are you taking these parts with you? He answered yes and I said why? I asked him how do I know you are not going to say I took them? I offered to let me call sears and have these boxes delivered back to the sender. He said No unless you pay the $2,000.00+ I cannot leave these parts here. I could not fight with him since I was home alone with a baby. He then placed in his truck 1. Basket $747.68 and 1. Latch $87.10. I asked him to give me a receipt and I had him circle the parts he was leaving with. He took those two parts. I then asked why are you not taking the other two boxes (parts) and he stated that they were damaged "they won’t do me any good”. He then left never apologized for the huge mistake your company made. I then called sears customer service and the person on the phone stated that the technician had entered in his notes that I wasn't home.

      The next Morning:
      On February 22, 2014 at 8:20am I heard noise coming from the side of my house. When I opened the door there was a Technician sneaking through the Boxes. My husband asked "who are you and why you are here?" He answered “I was sent to pick up the trash" I said who sent you he said never mind I have the wrong house I was sent to 790 not 730 xxxxx Place

      My question is:
      1.Why didn’t anyone realize the so called error the first technician made?
      2.If the washer parts did not have warranty who approved the Purchase order?
      3.Who approved for $2,000.00+ worth of parts to be sent to my home? Who paid for it?
      4.Why lie that the first tech was on vacation?
      5.Why does the 1st tech’s receipt show a tech ID of 0830281 and the 2nd tech’s ID is 0000281? Why have the 3 digits prior to 281 on the ID number gone missing? Don’t those identify him individually?
      6.Why does the technician’s comments indicate that I wasn’t home?
      7.Who sent the last technician to pick up the “trash” without giving me any notice?
      7.Why do I continue to receive calls from sears from an automatic service stating that since I missed my appointment I need to reschedule with sears?
      8.Why is sears sending me an email asking me to pay for parts, including the parts technician ID 0000281 TOOK WITH HIM?

      Who can help me resolve this matter? My washer is not fixed and I was taken advantage of. Tech ID 0000281 noticed I was home alone with a baby and HE ROBBED ME!

      I need someone to call me immediately I will contact a lawyer and make sure the world knows of what sears and its technicians have done.

      I have pictures of the boxes sent to me with the parts in them. I have receipts given to me by both technicians who visited my home. I have pictures of the license plate of the last technician sent to "clean the trash". I have proof I was home on Feb. 21 I have a receipt given to me from tech ID 0000281 on that day.

    2. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Hi RobbedBYSEARS!

      I am so sorry that you have been experiencing these issues as well as reaching out for assistance and not getting your needs met!

      We would like to put you in contact with our Sears Cares team to help you personally with these issues. Once our team responds and receives the requested contact information, you will be provided a dedicated case manager to help you in resolving these issues.

      I will be reaching out via email once a response has posted providing a link back for contact.

      Again, we thank you for taking the time to share with us your recent washer repair concerns and bringing these issues to our attention.

      Our team will be reaching out soon! Thank you!

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      Dear RobbedBYSEARS!,

      We'd like to thank you for making us aware of the multiple issues surrounding your washer repair and also would like to apologize for the confusion and mistakes made during this repair experience. My name is Susan with the Sears Cares Escalations team. We'd be more than happy to look into these issues further and offer the assistance of a dedicated case manager who can help resolve your repair situation. We value your business and are truly sorry for the difficulties you've experienced. Please send an email with your contact information (preferably a phone number) to Please include your screen name (RobbedBYSEARS!) for reference to your issue and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


      Susan R.
      MySears Community Moderator

    4. In response to SHC-JulieK

      I had a similar problem as outlined in the reproduced email below.I have actually been on hold now for over a half hour while they try to get in touch with the local scheduler, though I doubt anything will be done. I would appreciate it if someone here could help me.

      Dear Sir or Ma'am,

      I wanted to send a follow-up email regarding the above referenced case.

      We have still not had our oven repaired. So far we have had three
      appointments, and we are now scheduled for a fourth. For each of the
      three appointments that have taken place, the technician has missed the
      EIGHT hour service window we were given. We have ordered a new
      controller for the oven at considerable cost, but we were told we need
      to order a second one, as well as a power controller because the
      technicians have been unable to isolate the problem. This evening I was
      given a receipt which asked me to agree to pay up to $714.92, almost the
      cost of a brand new comparable oven. I did not sign it because I will
      not agree in advance to pay for what may be unnecessary parts.

      While we appreciate the $30 gift card, what we really need is your help
      getting this matter resolved. We were given the following number to call
      between 8am-5pm eastern to see if we can ensure that we are the first
      customers to be serviced on our fourth appointment scheduled for

      (410) 762-5740

      I would greatly appreciate it if someone from your organization could
      also call to ensure that we are the first customers serviced on
      3/11/2014. Additionally, we would appreciate your help ensuring that
      the technician who makes the service call is experienced in resolving
      issues like the one we are experiencing.

      Please respond back via email or telephone with how you plan to help us
      resolve this matter. A telephone call would be preferred. You can find
      my phone number in my signature below.

      Best regards,

      Mark D***
      (2**) 6**-3***

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      Hi there, mdeboypurchases! Thanks for your post today. I am so sorry to hear of the troubles you are having with your range repair. I have passed your concerns along to the SearsCares team who will directly reach using the provided contact information, along assuring you right here that they will be in touch.

      I also removed your personal information from publicly appearing on the site for your security.

      Keep us posted!


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      Hi mdeboypurchases,

      Thank you for sharing with us about your problems with your oven, and we're sorry to hear that is yet to be repair. My name is Edwin and I’m with the Sears Cares Social Media Support team. We’d like to speak with you and have one of our case manager’s look into the repair, and assist you in getting this issue with your oven resolved. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (mdeboypurchases) phone # used at time of purchase to We look forward speaking with you soon.

      Thank you,
      Edwin C.
      MySears Community Moderator

    7. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Dear mdeboypurchases,

      We apologize for asking for the information we've received already from you. Please disregard the request. We've already forwarded to our case management team to follow up with you and assist you in this matter.

      Thank you,
      Edwin C.
      MySears Community Moderator

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