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  1. Hi rfezko! It looks like JulieK and BlueCrewGuyInMA have got you covered, but I'm happy to help as well if you have any questions about this or other Samsung products. Have a great day!
    - Ms. Samsung

  2. Hi rfezko! You can view this refrigerator on

    Click this link to check it out.

    I am sure the Blue Appliance Crew can help you, as well, at your local store. It is a gorgeous fridge! Do you have your choices narrowed down to this fridge to purchase?

  3. While that particular model is not on Sears appliance department salesfloors, the sister model, RF217ACRS, is on the floor in black. It's got slightly more capacity because it's not counter-depth, but otherwise is identical. So, if you like that model, the one you're looking for would simply be 2 inches shallower.