Where do I apply for lease to own

I want to buy washer off outlet site and would like to upgrade


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  1. Okay i work at Kmart and i am having trouble processing it on the register? What steps need to be done so that the customer can take the item home today?

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      H LaurenMc07!

      If you have any questions you can call our Sears Leasing at 1-855-965-4669. They should be able to help you further.

      Hope this helps and please let us know if you have further questions!

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      Wendy- you seem to be in management perhaps? I've been trying to call and emailing Why Not Lease it for over a week with no results! At Kmart, they ran my info, and printed out a paper that said the app could not be processed, to call an 800 #. I ansolutely cannot get through. After being on hold for 55 minutes today, I called back and received the message I've been getting that says they are NOT taking calls! Through the website, I found that I have a pre-approval number, but I need to find out the amount- how can I when the company will not answer or return an email?

  2. You cannot directly apply for a lease to own. The leasing program is offered when someone is not approved through our two banks for the sears card.

  3. Hi Vlm07! Welcome to MySears! The Lease to Own option is a terrific program-so glad to hear you are looking into using it!

    Click here to get all the FAQ's and learn the details.

    Let us know if you end up going this route. Would love to hear how it works out for you!

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      Can I use my approved leasing option to purchase online?

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      Nope, landykeesh! Thanks for your question. The leasing option can only be used for in store purchases.

      Hope that helps!

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      I went into Sears to purchase a mattress using the WhyNotLease It program and was declined. Prior to my trip to the store I read the qualifications for the leasing program and knew that I would qualify based on the information provided. What other criteria is required that's not being disclosed?

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      GOOD LUCK trying to get them to tell you why you were declined. I was declined as well knowing I meet the crieteria they put on their flyers. SO what else are they checking. BUT if you research you will see this company IS NOT recommended by a lot of people, so may be we are the lucky ones. VERY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. JUST STAY AWAY.

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